Can The Mets Realistically Sign Freddie Freeman?

It was recently reported that the New York Mets checked in on Braves free agent superstar 1st baseman Freddie Freeman before the lockout began. With Steve Cohen’s will to spend money, people obviously took this more seriously than they probably should’ve. However, if Cohen has made anything clear in his tenure as the Mets owner so far, it is to never rule out any opportunity. The question is, could and would the Mets sign Freeman?

What Freddie Freeman Would Bring

Freeman would obviously change the complexion of the Mets lineup. The 12-year veteran has over 1700 hits, a near .300 career batting average, and is closing in on 300 home runs. Freeman is a perennial all-star and MVP candidate. He is a 5-time all-star and has one MVP to his name. It is clear that every team would love to have a player of Freeman’s caliber on their roster. I also think the reason the Mets ever checked in on him was for that reason. It is an obvious long shot but would be pivotal if it happened.

Freeman would also join a lineup that is in need of a left-handed bat. Dom Smith and Jeff McNeil are always in trade rumors and are both coming off down years. They have 2 switch hitters in Francisco Lindor and Eduardo Escobar, but Lindor has had 2 straight lesser seasons, and you don’t know exactly what you will get from Escobar. He can be a good bat, but you can’t bank on that.

Where Does Freddie Freeman Fit on The Mets?

Freeman is also a really good fielder. So it would be simple. Plug him in at first and move Pete Alonso to DH. Then if he ever needs rest you can just swap the two. The Mets do have a few DH options, but none are close to as strong of hitters as Freeman and Alonso are. Since Freeman could fit right in on the Mets, you could see why they took a look at him. Bringing him in would help to sure up the Mets DH role by moving Alonso there.

Could The Mets Actually Sign Freeman?

Relax everyone. There is essentially no chance freeman would think about playing for the Mets. If he left the franchise he played for throughout his whole career, it wouldn’t be for their division rivals. If he wanted to play in New York, the Yankees would be a much more logical fit for him. The Mets have their first baseman of the future with Alonso. Since they have multiple DH options, they could just make that a fluid situation. I would also doubt the Mets would want another large contract, especially at the position they don’t need to fill.

The reality is that the Mets checked in because of a “what if” scenario. Every team would love to bring in freeman, and I am sure many other teams checked in on Freeman. There were also reports that Freeman wouldn’t be interested. As amazing as it would be, Freddie Freeman will likely never be a Met.

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  1. What a lineup that would be, pickup Kris Bryant and another arm for rotation and hop on for a wild ride. Nothing wrong with dreaming.

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