Could David Peterson be a rotation piece moving forward?

The starting rotation for the New York Mets has been the biggest question mark this entire season. In years past, starting pitching has been a strength for this team. However, this year things have changed. The Mets’ offense is one of the best in baseball, and the injury bug has hit this rotation. 

The Mets have been without Ace Jacob deGrom this season and saw Max Scherzer go down with an injury on May 18th. Due to these injuries, the team has used eight different starting pitchers in this young season. 

However, things are starting to look up. The Mets expect Max Scherzer to return before the All-Star break while expecting deGrom back shortly after. Both players will have immediate spots in the rotation when they return. 

In this article, we will look at the state of the rotation and how David Peterson will fit on this roster going forward. 


Current Rotation:

The Mets had a solid rotation and depth very recently until Tylor Megill landed himself on the 60-day injured list. Now, the Mets lack depth with their starters. The rotation includes Chris Bassitt, Carlos Carrasco, Taijuan Walker, David Peterson, and Trevor Williams

David Peterson has performed well in hopes of remaining in the rotation. In 11 starts, Peterson has a 3.10 ERA while only allowing 43 hits. This ERA is second-lowest of the current starters, only behind Taijuan Walker (3.03 ERA). Peterson’s WHIP sits at 1.24, which is very similar to the other starters in the rotation. 


Who will the Mets remove from the rotation?

Buck Showalter and company will have some challenging decisions to make soon. Most people would remove David Peterson and Trevor Williams from the rotation if they were in charge. The two were not meant to be starters and were only filling in because of injuries. Bassitt, Carrasco, and Walker were all solid starters who the team wants in the rotation. 

Bassitt got off to a hot start this year. Since then, things have not gone his way. He had a 2.25 ERA in April, which ballooned to a 4.63 ERA for May, and a 4.70 ERA for June. Even so, Bassitt was a key acquisition this offseason and has the potential to be the best number three starter in all of baseball. His spot in the rotation is etched in stone, and it’ll take a lot more to get him removed. 

Trevor Williams will be the first player removed from the lineup. He has struggled as a starter this season and is much more valuable out of the bullpen. He has fought as a starter to help this team but will be the first one to move to the bullpen. 


How can Peterson crack the rotation?

The only chance Peterson has of staying in this rotation is if the team chooses him over Carrasco. The Mets acquired Carrasco in the same trade that brought in Francisco Lindor. However, he has not performed this season. His 4.42 ERA, 1.29 WHIP, and .268 AVG (batting average against) are all worse than Peterson’s current stats. 

Carrasco has not been the reliable starter the Mets were hoping for before this season. The team very well could choose Peterson because of Carrasco’s lackluster performance. Peterson has been the better pitcher as of late, but that hasn’t been the case in the past. Peterson had a 5.54 ERA last season over 15 starts. 

Luckily, the team has until after the All-Star break to determine which one of these pitchers should be removed from the lineup. They will likely see how the two continue to play and base their decision on the larger sample size. 



I believe Peterson should have a spot in this rotation until the All-Star break. He has pitched well for the team this season and deserves a place in the rotation. He has been better than Carrasco and it would be a shame to see the Mets ignore that.

However, things get hairy for Peterson after that. In mid-July Tylor Megill will be reevaluated for his injuries, and the team will get a better idea of when he can return. Likely, Megill will demand a roster spot over Peterson when he returns. Megill was the best pitcher on the team before he got injured the first time, and he has made a name for himself among Mets fans. Depending on the severity of his injury and length of recovery, he could be the man pushing Peterson to the bullpen. 

Overall, Peterson is a viable option in this rotation. However, due to the depth of talent, the Mets have when healthy, it will be hard for him to cement his spot. 

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