Devils season awards

The New Jersey Devils only have two games left of the regular season. Once those games conclude that will be it for the 2021-2022 New Jersey Devils. There were a lot of highs and lows this season but overall it was another disappointing one. Some players deserve awards for their performances on a really bad team. 

Award #1-Veteran presence

There are a few players that earned this award because of their experience of playing. These players proved to me why they belong and gave it their all each and every night. 

The first to win this award is Damon Severson. It felt like it was not that long ago that Damon Severson was a rookie. Severson is finishing his eighth season in the NHL. He also spent all eight seasons with the Devils. He has been a consistent player on the Devil’s defense and plays his position well. I expect to see him out there almost every night. 

The second player to earn this award is Tomas Tatar. I had a feeling when the Devils signed in the offseason that he would bring his veteran presence on the ice. The team is so young so seeing Tatar providing his veteran presence to the team is essential. This was not his best season but he has great knowledge of the game and sometimes found a clutch goal here and there. 

The last player to earn this award is Dougie Hamilton. Hamilton signed a seven-year deal with the Devils in the offseason. Hamilton has played for three teams prior to signing with the Devils. He is also a defense that gets a lot of praise for his play and leadership. When he was on the ice it feels like the team plays better around him. Hopefully, Hamilton’s presence will continue to help grow this team for better things to come. 

Award #2-Most disappointing player

This is not an award I like to give out but P.K Subban, unfortunately, deserves this award. I had high hopes for him when the team traded for him in the summer of 2019. Well, he has not lived up to those high hopes. Instead of getting better, I think he is getting worse. He no longer has the scoring touch like he used to with Montreal and Nashville. Subban makes careless errors on defense and that is discoursing since the team already has poor goaltending and defense. 

Award #3- MVPs

Since the Devils had such a poor season there are not too many standout players. Though Jesper Bratt is one of those players that has come into his own this season. His skating and passing got incredibly better than in previous seasons. When he is paired with Jack Hughes they have plenty of chemistry to create a lot on offense. 

Jack Hughes is easily the team’s MVP. Hughes is easily living up to his exceptions when he was the first selection in the draft in 2019. Hughes has become a point per game player. He moves so well up and down the rinks and is a hard guy to stop on defense. The only downside with Hughes is trying to keep him healthy. Hopefully, next, he can stay healthy and add to his career 108 points. 


Who knows who earns these season awards next season as the Devils look to improve on their young talent to eventually get back into the playoffs. 

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