Giants Schedule Predictions

The New York Giants enter the 2022 season looking to improve on a lackluster 4-13 campaign in 2021. The Giants revamped their front office and coaching staff which were really holding the team back the last few years. Hopefully, they can also finally stay healthy, which has also really affected them the last few years. Along with all of this, the Giants have the perfect schedule to be able to make some noise this season.

Giants Schedule Review

The Giants have statistically one of the easiest schedules for the 2022 season. They have the 4th easiest schedule this season based on their opponent’s winning percentage from the 2021 season. The Giants 2022 opponents had a .465 winning percentage in 2021. Ironically, the four NFC East teams account for the four easiest schedules in the league. So although the Giants have an easier schedule, it isn’t one that is much easier than the rest of the division which will maintain a balance.

Giants Home Schedule

The Giants home schedule goes in this order; Panthers, Cowboys, Bears, Ravens, Texans, Lions, Commanders, Eagles, Colts. The home schedule is probably slightly easier than the road schedule. They will also get one more home game than a road game. As for games that they should win, I would say the Panthers, Bears, and Texans should account for three of the Giants wins this season. They are more talented in these matchups and should be able to handle all three of these games. The Cowboys, Ravens, and Colts are the toughest matchups for their home schedule. The Cowboys are more talented, the whole Ravens team won’t be hurt this season, and the combination of Jonathan Taylor with an elite defense will be too much for the Giants to handle. For the sake of predicting, I’ll chalk these ones up as losses. This leaves the Lions, Commanders, and Eagles as toss-up games.

The Lions are a sneaky good team, as they are much improved since last season and will continue to get better. But I think the Giants will be able to steal a close game here. The other team I think that they can beat at home is the Eagles. Both teams are improving, but hopefully, the Giants can pull away with a big win. The Commanders game we’ll count as a loss.

Overall, this puts the Giants at 5-4 in their home games. This is very possible and realistic due to the teams that they play. Even if the Giants don’t beat everyone I said they would beat, they can still find a way to win five home games.

Giants Away Schedule

The Giants road schedule goes as follows; Titans, Packers (London), Jaguars, Seahawks, Cowboys, Commanders, Vikings, and Eagles. Not only do they play the extra home game, but due to the London game that takes away a true road game. So theoretically, the Giants have seven road games. The only game I am fully confident that they’ll win is that Seahawks game. They lost Russell Wilson, their defense isn’t good, so the Giants should be able to take care of them. As for the losses, I’ll say the Packers, Cowboys, and Vikings. The Packers lost Davante Adams, but Aaron Rodgers will still find a way. Dallas will be the divisional team that sweeps them, and the Vikings are too talented offensively. This leaves the Titans, Jaguars, Commanders, and Eagles as the toss-up games.

The Titans lost A.J. Brown but got the talented Treylon Burks in the draft. Derrick Henry still gives every team fits. I’ll mark this game as a loss. The Giants can easily win, but I have a feeling they will be a little out of sync in Week 1, and they’ll lose a close game.  You might be surprised to see the Jags in the toss-up game category. However, they spent money on receivers and their offensive line. I don’t love the Travon Walker pick, but they still got better from the draft. Along with the new coaching staff, this team has improved. But I’ll take the Giants to win here. The Giants usually play pretty well in Washington, so I’ll take another win there. They also usually play pretty poorly in Philly, so I’ll go with a loss there.

This will leave the Giants at 3-5 on the road this season. The only other game I could see them winning is the Titans game, but I can’t confidently say that they will just yet. The Jaguars could also sneak up on them, but I’ll still take a Giants win in a hard-fought game.

Overall Prediction

Based on my mini analysis, I have the Giants going 8-9 this season. A lot of people still think that they will be awful, but this roster has talent in all areas. Those people also don’t realize how much coaching and injuries negatively impacted them in the last few years. Assuming their coaching is improved, and their whole offense doesn’t get hurt again, 8-9 is a very realistic prediction. Their floor is probably at 6-11, which could happen if a team like the Jaguars or the Lions end up sneaking up on them, and/or maybe the Eagles sweep. As for their ceiling, 10-7 is their absolute ceiling, but 9-8 is a lot more realistic. That Titans game would be the game they end up winning. If they were to win more games, then teams they might be able to beat are the Cowboys once, Ravens, and/or Packers.

An 8-9 season would leave the Giants a game or two outside the playoffs. It would also mean a step of improvement, regardless of the easy schedule. Overall, an 8-9 season would be viewed as a positive for most Giants fans.

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