How Can Brian Daboll Transform The Giants Offense?

The New York Giants hired their new head coach in Brian Daboll on January 21. He is most known for being the former Bills offensive coordinator. When Brian Daboll was on the Buffalo Bills, he developed Josh Allen into an elite quarterback. The Bills offense improved each season under Brian Daboll’s watch, which should be an encouraging trend for Giants fans. The hope is that he can develop Daniel Jones into a quarterback where he can be respected amongst his peers. His three seasons in the NFL have been underwhelming to put it nicely.

His Work With Josh Allen

In 2018, the Bills hired Brian Daboll to be their offensive coordinator. During the 2018 NFL Draft, the Bills selected Wyoming QB Josh Allen with the No.7 overall pick. Josh Allen was known to be a talented quarterback but was extremely raw in his skills. Throwing mechanics and accuracy with the football were major concerns with Josh Allen. Brian Daboll however is credited with eliminating those concerns about Josh Allen over time.

Throwing accuracy rarely improves from the collegiate level to the professional level at the quarterback position. With Josh Allen though, that narrative was shattered. Josh Allen completed 52.8% of his passes in his rookie season. It jumped up to 58.8% in Year 2. The big jump then came in Year 3 when Josh Allen completed 69.2% of his passes. Josh Allen is now a passer who completes over 63% of his passes consistently in ball games. He also has a big arm where he can make explosive plays happen. Mobility also plays a big role in his playstyle.

How Will He Impact Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones was a former first-round pick for the Giants back in the 2019 NFL Draft. He was selected with the No.6 overall pick. Daniel Jones is known for his athleticism and his physical ability to throw the football down the field. In his three NFL seasons though, Daniel Jones has not established himself as a consistent passer. With bad coaching around Daniel Jones, however, it may be difficult to evaluate Daniel Jones properly.

Daniel Jones, like Josh Allen, has nice mobility to his game. Brian Daboll is expected to use Daniel Jones in a manner similar to Josh Allen. Designed QB runs, play-action bootlegs, and moving pockets are expected to be used in the Brian Daboll system. Daniel Jones is known for being athletic, so those skills should be used in his favor. There is no reason now for Daniel Jones to not succeed in the NFL. However, that will depend on if Daniel Jones has what it takes to get rid of his weaknesses right now in the NFL. That is easier said than done. It is rare for a Josh Allen-like development to happen. 


There are plenty of signs that Brian Daboll can turn around this Giants offense. Josh Allen developed into a top-five quarterback during his time. If Daniel Jones can put in the work that Josh Allen did, then he should improve as a passer. Under Brian Daboll, Daniel Jones should end up having a career year by his standards. However, stopping Daniel Jones from turning over the football will be a tall task to ask for. Josh Allen to this day still has turnover issues from time to time and if Daniel Jones still has the turnover bug in him, then he will not be a successful franchise quarterback. He may turn out to have his best NFL season, but he will most likely still be considered to not be a successful quarterback in the NFL.

Brian Daboll will improve the Giants offense, but not enough to the point where fans will be satisfied with Daniel Jones as their starting quarterback. There is only so much a head coach can do to hide a bad quarterback in the modern NFL.

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