How Much Can Daniel Jones Improve?

Daniel Jones was the sixth-overall pick in the 2019 NFL draft. He was a surprise pick for the New York Giants. The Giants needed a quarterback and were expected to either take Dwayne Haskins or a defensive player such as Josh Allen. Instead, they did neither and went with Jones. In his first three seasons with the Giants, Jones has yet to prove himself. He has shown flashes of potential but hasn’t taken that next step. This season is probably his last chance to prove to the Giants and their fans that he is capable of being a talented starting quarterback in the league.

First Three Seasons

Let’s start by taking a look at how Daniel Jones has improved each year in his first three seasons. His interception percentage has lowered each season, which is always important. Additionally, in each of his first three seasons, he has proven to be a mobile quarterback. Jones is sneaky fast and can move the ball downfield with his legs when unable to find open receivers. Lastly, his completion percentage improved slightly each season. Last season he had a solid 64.3% completion rate.

On the other hand, there have been some areas in which Jones has declined. His touchdown percentage has dropped drastically. In his first season, he threw 24 touchdown passes with a 5.2% touchdown rate. Last season, he threw just 10 touchdown passes with a 2.8 touchdown percentage. As a result, his QBR went from 55.7 to 41.5. These struggles are what have angered Giants fans as of late. Although Jones hasn’t been terrible, he hasn’t been the sixth-overall pick they had hoped for. For him to continue his career with the Giants, and as a starting QB, he needs to improve this upcoming season. If not, it looks like the Giants will get rid of him without hesitation.

How Much Can Jones Improve?

The question fans have now is whether or not Jones can improve, and if so, how much? I believe Jones has the potential to be a good starting quarterback in the league. However, I think it’s going to take a new team for him to be good. The Giants’ offense hasn’t been great and probably won’t be great next year. General Manager Joe Schoen, has made some moves to build around Jones, but not nearly enough. If Jones struggles this year and the Giants get rid of him, then it will be hard for him to overcome a tough first four years in the league.

I believe he can improve as a quarterback and be good. He may not be elite, but he can be very solid. He won’t be able to improve much with the Giants because of their lack of weapons. There will be an opportunity down the road for Jones to get a chance to succeed though. Expect him to have a similar year to his last few and for the Giants to move on from him. But, don’t give up on him after that. If he finds a new team he will a chance to be much better than a guy like Sam Darnold. Don’t give up on Daniel Jones just yet.

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