How Would Garrett Wilson Fit The Jets?

The New York Jets currently possess two first-round picks in the 2022 NFL Draft and could use one of them to select Garrett Wilson. Zach Wilson, New York Jets quarterback, is going to be entering his second season in the NFL. The Jets are committed to building around Zach Wilson for the long term. Ideally, that would mean getting Zach Wilson some weapons via free agency and the draft. Draft prospect Garrett Wilson, a wide receiver from Ohio St., is a player the Jets could certainly use to help out Zach Wilson.

Garrett Wilson’s Play Style

Garrett Wilson is 6′ and 183lb, which means he is really light for an NFL receiver. He will certainly need to bulk up a little. However, he already has top-notch speed as he ran a 4.38 for the 40-yard dash. During Garrett Wilson’s time at Ohio St, he was known for being one of the fastest players on the football field. He showed good acceleration to his speed and he had the ability to break tackles in the open field. Garrett Wilson also has good hands, which will make his contested catch ability to be respected long-term wise.

Garrett Wilson’s Fit With Zach Wilson

Zach Wilson is a quarterback that was known for his ability to improvise outside of the pocket. Although there are many flaws in Zach Wilson’s playstyle, he does have the good arm strength. The Jets need a guy who could run deep patterns for Zach Wilson to showcase his arm strength. Zach Wilson also likes to throw jump balls. The Jets should take advantage of Zach Wilson’s strengths by getting him a Garrett Wilson to work with. He would help Zach Wilson boost up his completion percentage and be able to work with the deep ball on a consistent basis.

Garrett Wilson’s Draft Stock

Garrett Wilson’s draft stock seems to suggest that he will be at least a top 15 pick. The Jets currently possess the 4th pick and the 10th pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. If the Jets really want Garrett Wilson, he will most likely be available when they are on the clock at pick 10. He would definitely be available at pick 4 for sure, though. There are a lot of good WRs to choose from in the 2022 NFL Draft, but Garrett Wilson is a guy that seems to fit with the Jets quite well. Garrett Wilson will be the focal point of the offense if he gets drafted by the Jets. His speed will be a game-changer to see in the NFL. Overall though, Garrett Wilson is one of those draft prospects that could either boom or bust.


The Jets have many pressing needs to fix around their roster. However, the main priority for the Jets should be attempting to build around Zach Wilson. Robert Saleh, New York Jets head coach, is a defensive-minded head coach, but the Jets really need to build up the offense in order for Zach Wilson to flourish long-term-wise. Getting weapons for Zach Wilson is essential to see whether or not Zach Wilson can be a franchise quarterback long-term. That means the Jets should spend one of their two first-round picks on a wide receiver. Therefore, the Jets should consider drafting Garrett Wilson as he is an overall good fit for the Jets.

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