Is Brian Cashman on the Hot Seat?


Brian Cashman has been the Yankees General Manager (GM) since 1998 and is going into his 24th season as GM.  A GM is a person who works in the teams’ front office and makes player transactions. His responsibilities as a GM are to make trades, sign free agents, and move players from the minor league to the major league. 

After another disappointing season in 2021, the fans are wondering if it is time to move on from Brian Cashman. There were high exceptions last season for the team to go much further than a 92-70 record. 

Questionable Team Construction

The team was arguably constructed poorly last season. For example, the lineup was off-balanced. There were too many right-handed power hitters.  It is good to have power in your lineup; however, there should also be contact/speed players as well.  Balancing out the lineup is important because other teams will have a harder time navigating the strengths and weaknesses of the team. Contact hitters are good at putting the ball in play and striking out less, while power hitters hit more home runs but they tend to strike out more. 

Good Decisions

During the Yankees rebuild from 2013 to 2017 Cashman held onto players like 2017 rookie of the year Aaron Judge, Luis Severino, Gary Sanchez, and Gleyber Torres. For example, a lot of teams would ask for Aaron Judge and Gleyber Torres in a trade but he would turn them down.  He traded for Gleyber Torres in 2016 to the Chicago Cubs for relief pitcher Aroldis Chapman who is now currently back with the team. Cashman had a big decision to make after Derek Jeter retired with replacing him with shortstop Didi Gregorious. Gregorious, in his five seasons with the team, easily became a fan favorite.  

Bad Decisions

Cashman has struggled with finding a five-man starting pitching rotation. A starting pitching rotation is the group of five starting pitchers on a team.  The Yankees rotation in the last few years has been top-heavy but weaker toward the end of the rotation. For example, he acquired Andrew Heaney during last season’s trade deadline. Andrew Heaney was horrendous and cost the team a handful of games. The rotation is missing identity and feels mismatched. Currently, it is unclear how all five starting pitchers will shape out going into every opening day.  For example, James Paxton who was acquired in 2019 never lived up to his exceptions to the role he was attended to fill on the team. 


Brian Cashman has a lot to prove after the lockout if he makes the proper moves. Hopefully, he is able to create a balanced lineup and solid starting rotation. As a GM he has made good and bad designs that have helped and hurt the team. This season could be his final one if the team does not reach their goal of winning their 28th World Series. 

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