Is the Giants Secondary Going to be Enough?

Let’s take a look at the New York Giants secondary for the 2022 season. In recent years the Giants have had some decent secondaries despite their struggles. Over the past few years, guys like James Bradberry and Logan Ryan led not only the secondary but the entire defensive side. With both Bradberry and Ryan being released, will this secondary be enough this upcoming season?



The four guys who will see the field the most at cornerback are Aaron Robinson, Darnay Holmes, Michael Jacquet III, Adoree Jackson, and Rodarius Williams. The Giants signed veteran, Adoree Jackson, to lead this group of cornerbacks. The other three guys are 25 or younger, meaning Jackson has a huge role this year as he must help develop these youngsters. We know Adoree Jackson has had much success in the NFL, especially when he was with the Titans. He had a solid first year for the Giants and is looking forward to doing more damage this season.

A guy who isn’t 25 yet but still has experience is Darnay Holmes. Darnay is entering his third year, and this might be his biggest role yet. He appeared in 12 games his rookie year, and 11 last year. In both seasons he recorded one interception. However, Darnay has been a huge notable throughout camp. He started off with having a streak of days recording an interception. Hopefully, this will be the year he is the primary slot corner for the Giants.

Now let’s look at the young guys. Aaron Robinson combined for 26 solo plus assisted tackles in nine games in his rookie season. Robinson only started 2 of those 9 games but saw the field enough to gain some experience. Michael Jacquet will be entering his third season in the NFL and his first with the Giants. Jacquet hasn’t proved himself yet in the league due to inexperience and injury. In his first season, he put up minimal numbers and only played in one game in his second season. Jacquet could be shaky at the cornerback position, but Giants fans better hope he can prove himself in his third season to help their secondary. Lastly, we have Rodarius Williams. Williams will enter his second season in the league this year. In his first, he played in five games posting just one tackle. Overall, these cornerbacks are young and haven’t been given the chance to prove themselves yet.



Xavier McKinney and Julian Love will be the go-to guys at the safety position. Xavier McKinney is the best player in this secondary. He has been reliable in his first two seasons in the NFL, and had great success last season with the Giants, posting 5 interceptions and 93 solo plus assisted tackles. McKinney is going to be a third-year guy who will be the rock of this secondary and there is no question about it. Julian Love, on the other hand, is a guy who has been with the Giants for three years now. He has had three very solid seasons with the Giants and is a guy who hasn’t battled many injuries yet. He seems to be able to stay healthy. Love will be a great complement to Xavier McKinney this season.


Final Verdict

The Giants are stronger at safety rather than cornerback. I think the safeties will be just fine. Not only will they be enough, but they will be good. The success of the cornerbacks all depends on the three young guys in Robinson, Jacquet, and Williams. They haven’t had much opportunity, but they will this year. A lot of this secondary’s success is riding on these guys. We know McKinney can handle the heat as well as Adoree Jackson. Julian Love has adjusted well to the NFL too. The rest of the guys are going to be thrown out there and it is hard to know exactly how they’ll perform. Overall, this secondary has a high ceiling and a low floor. If these young guys play, adjust and succeed, this secondary could be really good. If they don’t, the secondary might struggle mightily.


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