It’s Time for Lindy Ruff to Go


Lindy Ruff is the head coach for the New Jersey Devils and he is currently in his second season. The team record all together is 36-58-12 with head coach Ruff. This is, of course,  a losing record and combining both seasons.  Under head coach Lindy Ruff the team will most likely miss the playoffs in two straight seasons.

 Coaching Young Core

The New Jersey Devils are one of the youngest teams in the league and that is an extremely tough challenge to coach a team that does not have a ton of experience. For example, this could mean that the team has to go through a lot of growing pains. A head coach should be evaluated how a young team responds to those growing pains. In the Devil’s, case they have struggled this season when things are going bad. Instead of the team getting better they get worse. This is a red flag for a head coach. Lindy Ruff needs to inspire the team out of tough stretches and prove to them they have the talent to be the best possible.

 Teams Power-play

The Devil’s power play has been abysmal last season and currently this season. Last season was a shortened season and maybe they did not have enough time to improve but this season there is no excuse. Head coach Lindy Ruff’s job is to make sure that the power play gets improved. The power play has been so bad that it feels out of sync. The players do not seem like they have a plan on the power play. Instead, the power play features a lot of mindless passes that have no execution. The fact that the power play has yet to be improved fans should be concerned with Ruff’s coaching ability. 

Teams Defense

Also just like the power-play, the team’s defense has been horrible under head coach Lindy Ruff. The team is struggling with key injuries that could potentially help their defense. These key injuries include Dougie Hamilton and both starting goaltenders Mackenzie Blackwood and Jonathan Bernier. These injuries do not help but either way, it feels like the team gives up a minimum of seven goals per game. Head coach Ruff needs to step in figuring out something with the team defense. 


Even though head coach Lindy Ruff has not even completed two seasons with the team it is fair to say he needs to be let go. He has a losing record, has shown that he can not coach a young core, and he needs to improve the team’s Power-play and defense. It is time to move on from Lindy Ruff as head coach. 

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