Luis Severino’s Return to the Rotation

New York Yankees right-hand pitcher Luis Severino is hoping to make a full return to the team this season. It would be his first full season since 2018. The 28-year-old made his return from Tommy John surgery last September. To limit his playing time, the team added him to the bullpen. With the 2022 season returning shortly, the question now is can Severino pitch a full season for the Yankees?

Severino’s Bullpen Appearances

Severino only made four appearances out of the bullpen and did a solid job. He totaled six innings with eight strikeouts and no runs allowed. Even though that is a small sample size, those numbers could still provide some positive insight for this upcoming season. In the total of six innings pitched it looked like his pitches were sharp and were fooling hitters. This could be a really good sign that Severino did not lose any of his ability to pitch and could still be dominant.

What’s Next for Severino?

What comes next for Severino will depend on how he does in this shortened spring training. The MLB lockout just ended and the season is expected to start on April 7th. This means there will be a quick ramp-up period for Severino and the rest of the Yankees. Hopefully, this does not hinder his progress since he came back from Tommy John surgery. It would be great if he could get enough innings this spring training to the point where the team is confident that his arm is in good enough shape to be a starter again.

Even though the Yankees have Jameson Taillon to slot behind Gerrit Cole, they could use definitely use Severino in their rotation. Besides those three, though, the Yankees could use some help. While there is still some time to make moves before the season begins, a healthy Severino would be crucial to the team’s success this year.


Even if the team is satisfied with what they see this spring training, Severino will probably not be able to go past four innings in his first few starts. He would need to keep his right arm as fresh as possible. It is possible that he could pitch a full season with the Yankees, but there is still a long season ahead of him. If Severino can stay healthy, Yankees fans should expect to see him starting games in late September.

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