Resume Review: Brian Daboll

On January 21, the New York Giants found their new head coach in Brian Daboll. Some guys might know him from his blue pickup truck and others as the former Bills offensive coordinator. Either way, if you’re a Giants fan, you’re probably familiar with the name. But who really is Brian Daboll and what are his credentials? Keep reading to find out who the new Big Blue coach really is.

Getting to Know Daboll

Daboll hails from Welland, Ontario, although he was raised in Buffalo, New York. He played football at his local high school before playing two years at Rochester in college. He started his coaching career at the College of William and Mary in 1997 before moving to Michigan State as a graduate assistant the next season. Daboll coached for many NFL teams throughout the 2000s. He is most famously known for working with the New England Patriots under Bill Belichick. Brian won five Super Bowls with the Patriots where he served as an assistant. Daboll then got a gig in Tuscaloosa under Nick Saban as the offensive coordinator. He developed many big names at Alabama such as DeVonta Smith, Josh Jacobs, Najee Harris, Jalen Hurts, and Jaylen Waddle. Brian most recently comes from the Buffalo Bills, where he is credited with developing Pro Bowler Josh Allen.

Daboll’s Strengths

Daboll is just 46 years old and has been coaching NCAA and NFL teams ever since he graduated from college. Throughout his coaching career, he has shown signs of the long-term potential of being a head coach. Daboll also has had opportunities to work for some of the best coaches in the game of football, such as Bill Belichick, Sean McDermott, and Nick Saban. He played a huge part in Josh Allen’s trajectory, and Allen has gone on record and called Daboll a “competitor.” Brian is an analytically-driven play-caller whose understanding of game scripts has served his teams well in the past.


There are plenty of signs of Brian Daboll’s success in the past. No doubt about it, he can turn good players into great players. Can Daboll do that with Giants quarterback Daniel Jones and can he make their offense more effective? Personally, I think Brian is a great fit. Joe Schoen seems to really like Daboll not only as a coach but more importantly as a person. Although he doesn’t have big shoes to fill, he still needs to win football games and help this team have a winning season. Will Daboll deliver or will he fold under pressure? A lot to think about and look at as we edge closer to the offseason, draft, and 2022 regular season.

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