Saquon Barkley; Keep Or Trade?

The New York Giants GM Joe Schoen said that he was open about trading running back Saquon Barkley. There is no question that he is a top running back in the game today. He is fast, strong, and fun to watch. Although he has battled through some major injuries and dealt with a rough offensive line over the years, he has still dominated. Barkley was the 2nd overall pick by former GM Dave Gettleman back in 2018. Many NFL fans do debate whether he is injury prone or not. If he is, is there still worth in the Giants keeping him around?

Why Keeping Saquon is a Good Idea

Saquon Barkley has, without a doubt, been one of the most exciting running backs in the whole NFL. He has some of the purest and raw athleticism fans have ever seen. The main message here is that he is on top of his game. Although he has battled injuries in the past, he still has a lot to bring to this already struggling Giants offense. Barkley has become a fan favorite around the metropolitan area. With a real play-caller and real offensive line, Barkley has the ability to go on a tear this season. The 5’11 233 pounder from Penn State is both dominant in the rushing and passing game. Also, he shows perseverance and leadership on and off the field. Barkley has made an impact on not this just team, but the whole league. If he stays he will continue to make that impact and put other running backs on notice.

Why Trading Barkley Helps the Giants

The Giants need cap space desperately. Joe Schoen has come out and said that he will do anything to create more cap space. Additionally, Barkley is injury prone. He has suffered some major injuries over the past couple of years, holding him back from being the best he can be. For example, he only got about 600 yards and two touchdowns this past season. Despite this, his value is still super high right now and trading him could help the Giants gain young stars and a draft pick for their rebuild. The truth of the matter is Barkley has no more value here in NY. He has done all he can do to help the Giants out which was in the least disrespectful way possible embarrassing. This should be the end of the line for him.


The Giants wasted a draft pick on Barkley. Selecting a running back at number 2 overall is just insane! All good things were too good to be true about this guy. His stats and injury reports just go to show that his time here is over. I always will be the biggest Barkley fan and wish him nothing but luck. However, the Giants are starting over and while his value is still high, it’s time to let #26 go.


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