The Giants And Their Cap Space Problem

After yet another losing season and misery, the Giants find themselves in quite the predicament. The Big Blue currently has about 12 million dollars in cap space. This amount of money is nothing in today’s NFL. The real question Giant’s new GM Joe Schoen will have to answer is, how do we get out of this? There are answers to the question, such as cutting and trading fan favorites, ut will Schoen get this organization into tip-top shape?

The Giants Problem

Joe Schoen without a doubt has his work cut out for him. The Giants currently pay the offense about 91.5 million dollars and the defense 116.3 dollars. Those numbers definitely call for big questions and changes. With the departure of Patrick Graham, do the Giants need to spend money to make their defense better? The answer to that is no, the Giants currently spend 25 million dollars more on their defense than their offense. The offense for the Big Blue was a complete disaster last season, and the Giants should start putting more marbles into that basket. The Giants currently have 11 picks in this upcoming draft and 2 inside the top 10. If the Big Blue wants to really turn things around, they must draft 11 vitally important guys. With the current budget, it looks and seems impossible to put together and rebuild a team with only 12 million dollars.

The Solution

First off, the Giants can start cutting down on and not resigning older guys who will play no role in the Giant’s future such as Nate Solder. Solder made 62 million dollars over 4 years here, and if you ask me, he was a complete waste of money. It looks as if we found a guy in Andrew Thomas, and players such as Will Hernandez are still up in the air. Drafting linemen in the 2022 draft will be a must for the front office. The second solution is trading star player Saquon Barkley. He is set to make 7.2 million this season, and trading him could clear up some of the space. There is no debating that Barkley is injury-prone. One could argue that he has had no offensive line to help him out, but I beg to differ. In 13 games, he only had 2 touchdowns and 162 rushing yards. The Giants need a fresh start, and Saquon Barkley or 3o year old plus linemen will not make an impact on this team anymore.

More Cuts and the End Result

Lastly, to cap this article off, here is a list of players that I personally think the New York Giants should part ways with.

Although most will disagree with me, I think it is vitally important to regain money and cut fan favorites. It will only cause this already young Giants team to get some youth. This will help build a better offense and more officiant defense. The best-case scenario for this team is to have a successful rebuild in the next three years and make a push for the division, conference, and the league.



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