What is Zac Jones potential?

Who is Zac Jones

Zac Jones is a highly valued New York Rangers prospect. Jones, (21) was a third-round draft pick of the Rangers from 2019. Zac Jones, a native of Richmond, grew up in a state not very known for hockey studs. At the age of 15 though, a young Jones, up and moved north to pursue his future hockey asperations.

From that point on, until now, Jones has not left the Northeast except for one season in Nebraska. Jones played minor hockey at Selects Academy  then played in the USHL, for the Tri-City storm. After that started a new chapter at UMASS  playing for two years, winning a championship in one. Finally, we have come to most Rangers fans favorite chapter, the one in New York. After an outstanding tenure with UMASS, mid-season Jones, signed an ELC, with the Rangers.

What he has done

With 21 games and 4 assists in the NHL, Jones, has spent his time split between the NHL and AHL, but that has not stopped him at all. In the AHL this year Jones has been a high-quality defender in the league. Posting a stat-line of 4G 14A, Jones, has been having a great year.

On a Rangers team with a large pool of high-quality defense prospects, Jones has risen up the ranks from a top 5 defenseman prospect to a top 5 prospect. Jones, will be a big part of the Rangers’ future, even this season in the games he has played in the NHL, he has not shown any signs of failing. Although not a full-time NHLer, Fans are not worried about his future and are good with taking their time on letting him develop.

What is expected

A quote from his former coach at UMASS. “He’s a high-end offensive player – he’ll be a similar player to Adam Fox in New York,” he said. “He’s getting physically stronger. His growth without the puck over the past two years has been outstanding. He’s an outstanding college player and he will be in the NHL someday.” His coach Greg Carvel, would later make the comparison on Spittin’ Chiclets, of Zac Jones, to his former teammate at UMASS, Cale Makar.

With the Rangers top 4 on the back end basically cemented for the future, the last two spots are up for grabs, and Jones could very easily take the LHD spot on the bottom pairing. Zac Jones, Braden Schnider, and Nils Lundkvist are the Rangers’ top defenseman prospects at the moment, but Jones is the only LHD making his future in NY a very realistic dream.

His future

With the top 4 being, LindgrenFox and MillerTrouba, the Rangers bottom pairing is a question mark. With the unknown future of Nils Lundkvist, it seems Braden Schnider, will take the bottom pairing RHD spot. The LHD spot is the only question in the D-core at this point in time. On the left side, Lindgren is the only LHD whose future in NY is a lock. Miller is almost a lock to stay, but with the Rangers wanting to win in the near future and Miller hitting a stunt as of recent his time in NY, although unlikely, may be coming to an end. Zac Jones’ future in NY, may take a few more seasons but it is safe to say, his future is bright.

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