What Should Expectations for Corey Davis Be?

The New York Jets signed wide receiver Corey Davis before last season to serve as their number one wide receiver. After battling injury throughout the year, his 2021 campaign was not what fans expected. Although he didn’t necessarily struggle, he wasn’t the difference maker New York had hoped for. Heading into the upcoming season, Davis’ name has not been mentioned much when talking about the Jets. Elijah Moore and Garrett Wilson seem to be talked about more, while Davis seems to be somewhat forgotten.

Last Season

In his first year with the Jets Davis played in nine games, his least since entering the league. In those nine games, he posted four touchdowns, 34 receptions, and 492 yards. These numbers from Davis are solid for only playing nine games, but they aren’t WR1 material. In 2020, he posted 984 receiving yards as a WR2 behind A.J. Brown. The hope was that he would come to the Jets and produce even better numbers as their best wide receiver but that wasn’t the case. Elijah Moore was the guy for the Jets last season as a rookie. It looks like he will be their WR1 this season too. Moore’s potential and past give more hope than Davis’. But, this does not mean Davis won’t be a star next season.

Expectations for this Season

Corey Davis has a lot to prove in year two with the Jets. After injuries and a lackluster season, people are unsure of what he will bring to the table this year. Davis has an opportunity to shine. There is no doubt that he will be out there and get a fair share of targets. He and Elijah Moore will get the majority of the action in the passing game. Moore has a chance to be a star in the NFL. I think this year he will improve from last year and end up as the Jets’ WR1.

Davis, on the other hand, will most likely be the number two or three receiver. It is hard to tell which of the two because Garrett Wilson is only a rookie and we aren’t sure what to expect from him. We expect him to be a great player as a top ten pick, but it’s unknown what his role will be with Moore and Davis. Despite that, I don’t think Davis will be the number one guy the Jets wanted. Davis should put up very solid numbers in year two if he can stay healthy. He is a player most fans are too low on going into this season. Yes, his numbers weren’t great but he was battling injury and didn’t play many games.

Final Verdict

As much as the Jets season rides on Zach Wilson, Corey Davis could be a difference maker as well. He is a guy with great potential and experience. He has had multiple years of success and is ready to come out firing in 2022, especially since he has a chip on his shoulder. Overall, we can expect good things from Davis this season. If he is healthy he will put up better numbers than last season. He will be able to play to the best of his ability if he isn’t fighting injuries all season long. If this is the case, then his numbers should be pretty big this season.

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