Which Devils Will be on the Move at the Trade Deadline?

The New Jersey Devils are likely to move some players at the trade deadline. As all Devils fans know, this season has not shaped up very well. The team has less than a one percent chance to make the playoffs and will likely be selling at the deadline.

The Devils will look to move pieces to contenders and reload for the future. This trade deadline will be a look into how the front office feels about the future of this team, and how they will rebuild going forward. There is no need to try and keep valuable veteran players on this roster. Hopefully, the front office can get players and picks that will help bring this franchise back to relevance. 

Here are some players who may be moved from the Devils at the trade deadline:

P.K. Subban:

The 32-year-old defensive veteran could be moved to his third team this season. One of the most experienced players on this Devils roster, P.K. could be valuable for a contender. While he is not the star defenseman he once was for the Montreal Canadiens, Subban could be useful on a more successful team. 

Subban is in the last year of his contract, making him a perfect trade candidate. Regardless of the sport, rental players are valuable at the trade deadline. Teams can get help during a championship run and then let the player walk if he does not fit with the team. 

P.K. Subban is valuable as a right-handed defenseman with the ability to put points on the board. With only 18 points in 51 games, Subban is not putting up the prolific numbers he once did. However, if you put someone with his skill set on a more talented roster, that point total should increase.

Tomas Tatar:

Similar to Subban, Tatar is a veteran skater on the youngest team in the league. He played in the Stanley Cup Finals with the Montreal Canadiens last season and the Las Vegas Golden Knights in 2018. Tatar’s playoff experience makes him attractive to championship hopefuls. Tatar was a healthy scratch for most of the Canadiens’ playoff runs, but he was a key part of that team in the regular season.  

Tatar is in the first year of a two-year, $9 million deal. His AAV of $4.5 million is a lot, but worth it for teams looking to push themselves closer to a Stanley Cup. 

Last year, Tatar accounted for 30 points with the Canadiens and already has 22 for the Devils this season. A good team will view Tatar as a valuable piece, for he can come into a new team and make an immediate impact. 

Damon Severson:

Severson is another right-handed defenseman who could be on the move this year. Severson has one more year left on a team-friendly contract. His contract and skill make him a great trade candidate.

Severson is attractive because he is a strong player. At 27-years-old, the righty defender has 31 points through 52 games. He could be a great second-line defender on any team in the league.  

The Devils drafted Severson 60th overall in 2012. Unfortunately, fans may need to start preparing for their home-grown prospect to be moved soon. Since the Devils drafted Severson, he has played well and met expectations. While his on-ice errors have frustrated some fans, his impact was always positive. 


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