The Knicks Highs and the Lows of the Lottery

With less than a week away from the NBA Lottery, the Knicks will soon know what draft they get. This year’s draft class is solid, and the Knicks have a 9% chance to get the 1st overall pick. In previous years, the Knicks have been lucky and unlucky with the lottery. Hopefully, this is the year they’re fortunate and can strike it big. Without a doubt, Patrick Ewing is the best Knick ever, and the greatest Knicks draft pick ever. In 1985, it was the first year of the NBA Lottery. 

The Knicks ended up winning the lottery and getting the first overall pick where they would draft Ewing. There are many conspiracy theories that David Stern rigged the lottery for the Knicks. People believe that Stern wanted “good basketball in New York,” and Ewing would be the guy to help that. Although the theories have never been proven, the 1985 Lottery was one of the most critical moments in Knick’s history.

Although I love being a Knicks fan, I genuinely believe they are the most unlucky franchise of all time. Beginning last year, the NBA announced a new lottery format that would help prevent tanking. In previous years the worst team would have a 25% chance to win the first, the second-worst team would have a 19.9% chance, and the third-worst team would have a 15.6% chance.

Starting in the 2019 NBA Draft, the NBA made it where the three teams with the worst records would have an equal 14% chance to obtain the first overall pick. At the end of the 2019 season, the Knicks had the worst record and a 14% chance to get the first pick. If it were a year before, they would have a 25% chance to get the first pick. The other two teams with a 14% chance were the Cavaliers and the Suns.

Fast forward to lottery night, and the Suns get the 6th pick, and the Cavs get the 5th pick. Somehow the Lakers with a 2% chance to get the first, and the Grizzlies and Pelicans who had a 6% chance to get the first, were competing with the Knicks to get the 1st. The Lakers get the 4th, and to our luck, the Knicks get the 3rd. The Grizzlies get the 2nd, and the Pelicans get the first.

Although RJ Barrett is a good basketball player and will keep developing to become a better player in years to come, he’s no Ja Morant or Zion Williamson. Both of which are two franchise-changing players that the Grizzlies and Pelicans got. Put one of those players on the Knicks, and they lead the Knicks to more than 21 wins

Hopefully, this year can be different, though. Even though the Knicks have a 9% chance to get the first pick, maybe they can get lucky as the Grizzlies or Pelicans did. I just hope whoever the Knicks draft can be a franchise-changing player and bring playoff basketball back to New York.


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