Mets player and staff member tested positive for Covid-19

Tonight’s New York Mets game against the Miami Marlins has been postponed. As well as the opening game in the subway series with the Mets and the New York Yankees is postponed. They were scheduled to start Seth Lugo against Miami and Rick Porcello against the Yanks. One player and one staff member on the Mets has tested positive for Covid-19. It is currently unknown who the player and the staff member is, and they’ll likely stay anonymous.

There’s been a lot of games postponed for several teams including the Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals. It seems like there’ll be some Mets doubleheaders in the future. The biggest concern is that the Mets players and staff have been around each other for several days. That means that some of the players have certainly been exposed to the virus.

How is MLB handling this?

Major League Baseball obviously has to be very careful when it comes to Covid-19. There have already been multiple outbreaks throughout the league. Teams like the Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals have already had at least 10 games postponed. Those teams just recently recovered and started playing again. They’re probably going to also have to shut down the Marlins again. They just played the Mets three games in a row and now the Mets have Covid-19 cases. In baseball especially this virus has been a huge threat. It has taken the league by storm in a horrible way. Yet it seems that Major League Baseball has no intention of canceling the season.

The best-case scenario for the Mets is that they don’t have any more positive tests and they can get right back to the field. The team will probably be stuck in Miami until it seems safe enough to travel back to New York. As said before this does also affect the Yankees, as the first Subway Series game has been postponed. The current hope is that the two teams will be able to play at Citi Field on Saturday. I’d also assume that if the game on Saturday will be played, there’ll be a doubleheader on Sunday. I really don’t find it likely that the first 3 subway series games will happen. The hope at the moment that there won’t be any more Mets positive tests.  But it just seems likely that there’ll be some more cases.

The One Positive

To take a positive look at this, these are the first two Mets game that has gotten postponed this season. Plenty of teams including the Marlins and the Yankees have had some games postponed already. But the Mets haven’t had any until now. It’s huge if, but if these are the only two Mets games postponed. They will be fine and they’ll just play two double 7-inning doubleheaders. They are supposed to play the Marlins again next week anyway. If games in that series get postponed that’ll mean this is a bigger problem than it already is.

This story is still just unfolding now. Everyone in the Mets organization and Marlins will be tested for Covid-19 later today and tomorrow. Mets’ fans hope that all the other tests keep coming back negative. So, the New York Mets can get back to playing baseball.


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