Giants Roster Bubble Candidate #1: QB Alex Tanney

Every year, the New York Giants have to make tough decisions to get their best 53 players. One of them this year will be whether they keep or cut veteran quarterback Alex Tanney. Tanney is on the roster bubble this year and if he does not succeed in camp, his career might be over.

Why is he on the roster bubble?

Alex Tanney has bounced around multiple teams during his career. His longest stay was as the Tennessee Titans backup before arriving in New York in May of 2018.

Tanney went through training camp and the preseason and competed with then-rookie quarterback Kyle Lauletta and 2017 3rd-round pick, Davis Webb. He and Lauletta were awarded roster spots over Webb.

Tanney remained Eli Manning‘s backup for most of the 2018 season. He was only inactive for one game but did not make any appearances.

He came into 2019 competing with 1st-round rookie Daniel Jones and Lauletta for backup jobs behind Manning once again. Tanney won the 3rd quarterback job, as Jones was awarded the backup job and Kyle Lauletta was cut. This seemed weird to Giants fans since Kyle Lauletta had a better preseason than Alex Tanney.

Tanney was active for two games and appeared in one in 2019. The game he appeared in was Eli Manning’s final game as the New York Giants’ franchise quarterback.

It is a different quarterback room for Tanney this year as well as new coaches. Jason Garrett heads the offense, Jerry Schuplinski coaches the quarterbacks and Joe Judge heads the whole team.

As much as Tanney has a clean slate coming into 2020, he also is the underdog for the roster. Colt McCoy has starting experience and Cooper Rush knows the type of offense Coach Garrett runs better than he does.

Tanney is hoping to showcase enough talent to impress the coaches. Otherwise, he may not find another opportunity elsewhere.

How can he make the roster?

Alex Tanney faces tough competition coming into training camp. There is no doubt about that. However, there is one thing that plays into this that is on Tanney’s side: chemistry with mainstay teammates.

He has been apart of the team since 2019 and has been around Corey Coleman, Sterling Shepard, Golden Tate, and Darius Slayton longer than Rush and McCoy have. It does not always come down to performing with them in eleven on eleven drills in practice. Knowing them and trusting them is an underrated advantage Tanney has.

That reason may not be enough to keep Tanney, but if he puts his hard work and effort forward, he will have a better chance of making Joe Judge’s 2020 53-man roster.

Final Prediction:

My prediction consensus is this: Alex Tanney will be released at the end of the summer. As much as he could be a good teacher to Daniel Jones and no matter the level of chemistry he has with the mainstay teammates, not having that much game experience and not knowing the offense works against him.

To make sure everything with the 2nd-year man out of Duke goes right, the staff will have to keep experienced quarterbacks on the roster. Ones with game experience and ones that know the offense beforehand. Tanney does not have those qualities, unfortunately.



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