New York Giants Running Backs: In Depth Review

When talking about the New York Giants RB options, it’s easy to bring up Saquon Barkley and forget about everyone else. Barkley put together 2,000+ all-purpose yards and won Offensive Rookie of the Year in the 2018-19 season. His sophomore campaign was riddled with injuries, yet a very banged up Barkley still managed to earn 1,400 scrimmage yards in 13 games. The injuries prove that Barkley can’t do it all on his own and stay healthy. Here is a closer look at who Barkley’s supporting cast may consist of going into the season.

Dion Lewis

Lewis is a seasoned veteran in the NFL, entering the league back in 2011. He has been good in multiple roles and schemes whether it be starting back, third-down guy, or just as a pass-catcher. He recently served as backup to Derrick Henry, yet he still had decent production for the number of snaps he saw. One of his main upsides is that he can come in and play well if Saquon needs rest. Having two Backs who can be so lethal in the passing game should open up different schemes for Big Blue as well.

 Additionally, Lewis is very familiar with Head coach Joe Judge. The two were together for three seasons in New England, one of which when Lewis was the feature Running Back. Lewis ran for 900 yards, 6 touchdowns, and averaged 5 yards per carry in that 2017 season. He’s certainly familiar with Judge’s culture and way of approaching the game.

Wayne Gallman 

 The Giants are likely to keep three Running Backs and one fullback. This means the third spot behind Barkley and Lewis is up for grabs. Of course, nothing is set and anybody can earn a spot. However, as the season draws closer, it has basically been narrowed down to two guys. First, there’s Wayne Gallman. He was a late-round pick of ex-GM Jerry Reese back in 2017. His rookie season he shined late in the season and earned an abundance of carries. Nevertheless, upon the arrival of Saquon Barkley, Gallman received fewer touches in his second and third seasons combined than his rookie year. When Barkley was hurt last year, Gallman played well as his understudy. However, Injuries soon intervened, sidelining him for the games where he had an opportunity to solidify his spot in the long run.

Javon Leake

Lastly, there’s Javon Leake, the undrafted free agent out of Maryland. Leake split carries with Washington rookie Anthony Mcfarland and ran for 736 yards and 8 touchdowns. What caused the young Back to go undrafted was his poor combine grades. Leake is a bigger back and was in the 89th percentile for broad jump amongst all running backs at the combine. Be that as it may, that’s about all he could brag about. Now reports have consistently detailed that Leake has been impressive in camp, catching the eye of many coaches. Perhaps Wayne Gallman’s days with the New York Giants could be over at the hand of Javon Leake.


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