Knicks Draft Options 2020: 8th Overall

Last week, the New York Knicks found out they have the 8th pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. Another year of tanking down the drain due to bad luck in the lottery. Although it wasn’t New York’s desired spot, they have lots of options with the 8th pick.

One option is to trade up in the draft. If they have a specific target in mind, the Knicks could try and trade up to the top 3. At the 3rd pick, they have good options like LaMelo Ball and Killian Hayes. After all, they are in desperate need of a point guard.

Another option for the Knicks is to consider keeping the 8th pick and drafting a point guard. Devin Vassell, out of Florida State University specializes in 3&D play style. Ball and Hayes will most likely be gone at 8, and Vassell is a solid alternative option. The way  Tim Thibodeau ran the Bulls and Timberwolves, he loved having defensive guards to work with.

Lastly, NYK can trade further back in the draft. It is possible that the Knicks can find a team willing to trade up to 8. In return, the Knicks can benefit from earning extra picks or even players to help build the team. For example, one trade that makes sense is if the Kings would want to trade up. The Knicks could ask for their pick and a veteran like Bogdan Bogdanovic, who averaged 15 PPG last season. There really are endless options for the Knicks come draft night.

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