Lionel Messi to Juventus? Messi Transfer Takes New Turns

Since making clear that Lionel Messi wanted a move out of Barcelona, many teams have fought for his signature. Here is more news on the potential transfer of the Argentinian, who recently declared an interest in Manchester City.

Earlier this week, Barça players arrived for the preseason training, as well as COVID-19 tests. However, as players got ready for training, they were told Messi would be skipping the preseason. This has made it clear to fans, as well as the team’s management, that he has no interest in staying at the club.

Messi has made it clear he wanted to leave the club but his contract creates an issue for interested teams. His contract states that if any club were to sign him, they would have to pay  800 million dollars. However, teams across Europe have been hoping that the Spanish League, La Liga, will change the contract in their favor. Unfortunately, La Liga president Javier Tebas has upheld the decision to keep the contract. This has caused worry amongst teams in Europe who hoped to sign the Argentinian.

Messi to Juventus?

This morning, information was released that Messi’s father, Jorge Mendez, was approached by Italian giants Juventus, in hopes of a potential transfer. Juventus intends on pairing up footballing super-stars Cristiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi. Although these two have had a rivalry on the field for years, the prospect of playing together in Turin may be tempting.

Due to these two new components, a deal involving the Argentinian superstar going to Manchester City seems less possible. However, if any team chasing the winger’s signature is able to afford him, the Sky Blues, one of the richest clubs in the world, are the ones. Manchester City and Juventus have so far led the race for the 4-time Champions League winner.  PSG, Inter Milan, and Manchester United are all still possible contenders; any team is still in the race. All fans can agree that any team able to sign Messi, will be a contender in the Champions League.

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