Breaking: Devonta Freeman to sign with the Giants

Following Saquon Barkley’s season-ending ACL tear, the New York Giants haven’t wasted any time before making a move. Sources have reported that the Giants are signing longtime Atlanta Falcons running back Devonta Freeman. Freeman will fill the role of an irreplaceable Barkley.

Devonta Freeman is a seasoned veteran who began the season as the widely respected best available free agent RB. Since entering the league as a Falcon in 2014, he has compiled 32 TD’s and close to 4,000 yards. His career average is 4.2 yards per attempt. Although he significantly regressed in production in 2019 following an injury-filled 2018 season, Devonta hopes to bolster the Giants offense that desperately needs help.

Freeman to Help DJ

This signing should benefit second-year Quarterback Daniel Jones especially. The young QB needs to have a reliable Run game in order to thrive in Jason Garrett’s scheme. So far The Giants have rushed for 104 yards through two games, Jones being their leading ball carrier with 43 yards. The Giants are relying on Freeman to help change the narrative in New York.

Other than Freeman (once he is officially signed), the Giants also have Wayne Gallman, Dion Lewis, and fullback Elijhaa Penny in the running back room. The Giants also have former Cowboys’ running back Rod Smith on the practice squad.


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