5 Potential Draft Prospects For The New York Knicks At #8

After a bleak season in New York City, the New York Knicks now look to reinvent the franchise. However, after receiving the 8th pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, things don’t look promising for the Knicks. With talk around 6’6 point guard LaMelo Ball likely off the table, new options begin to emerge for New York.

The Least Realistic Option

LaMelo Ball is clearly at the top of the Knicks wish list but the idea that he would fall to 8 won’t happen. However, a potential trade with a team like the Golden State Warriors would enable the Knicks to land Ball. It would be very difficult for the Knicks to pull off though, as the Warriors want to either keep the pick or trade it for a third star. The Warriors are playing for the now and thinking about the future isn’t a priority. The Knicks can’t offer this star power that the Warriors want, which should be a deal breaker.

The Most Likely Option

Devin Vassell, shooting guard out of Florida State is regarded as the most realistic option for the Knicks at this point. Vassell is a great player on the wing that can improve the Knicks offense significantly. He is a very aggressive player as well. Vassell’s style has been compared to the likes of Kelly OubreJr., and even Bradley Beal. With Vassell, the Knicks know what they’re getting, although he could also surpass all expectations.

The Risky Choice

Manhattan-raised Cole Anthony is an aggressive point guard who is a guy that can make or break the Knicks. Anthony is a quick 6’3 point guard, plays good defense, and can score on defenses that aren’t completely settled.  However, Anthony is known for his bad shot selection and forcing. He also isn’t a great off-ball player. This has caused him to plummet down draft boards. Anthony has expressed interest in playing for the Knicks, the question is do they want him that early.

The Option Not to Rule Out

Another player that could possibly land with the New York Knicks is RJ Hampton. Hampton is a great off the dribble shooter but like Anthony, his shot selection needs work. He is a great ball handler, and can break down defenses easily. However, his overall decision making is poor, whether it’s shooting, or making good passes. Hampton is a risky choice for the Knicks but could potentially be the guy they go after.

The Unlikely Candidate

Killian Hayes, a French point guard has caught the idea of unnamed sources in the Knicks front office. However, the idea of a playmaking, defensive-minded French point guard who could be a good player down the line may be bad deja-vu for the fans. The Knicks selected FrankNtilikina less than five years ago and it hasn’t panned out how they’ve wanted it to. The Knicks are unlikely to draft Hayes, however this is certainly an option if all players above are ruled out.

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