Breaking: Jets Head Coach Adam Gase On The Hot Seat

According to a report by ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, New York Jets head coach Adam Gase is on the hot seat. Amid a disastrous season for the Jets, having the Gase on the hot seat seems to be the right move.

In the report, Mortensen also added that this Thursday night’s game against the winless Denver Broncos could be “more telling”. If the Jets fire Gase after Thursday, the result of Thursday’s game would probably be yet another blowout loss.

Just yesterday, the Jets were shredded by the Indianapolis Colts by a score of 36-7. Mind you, this is the second consecutive week Gang Green has been blown out.

When asked if he was worried about his job security, Adam Gase says that [job security] isn’t something he should be worried about. If you listen to his postgame press conference, his tone of voice is gloomy.  He sounds like Todd Bowles at the end of his coaching tenure with the Jets.

The Jets should’ve realized the red flags and evaluated him sooner.

Offensive Regression

Quarterback Sam Darnold has regressed in his third year, a year in which he should take that next step. Some consider this a make or break year for Darnold. He looks worse than he ever did with Todd Bowles and offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates. Darnold’s foot mechanics are off and his decision making continues to be a problem.

It’s not just about Darnold. Adam Gase has failed to utilize running back Le’Veon Bell properly. Bell has been used for second down and long runs. He usually runs into eight men boxes where the holes clog easily. He is not used as a wide receiver enough.

Gase’s offenses have always ranked at the bottom of the league in total offense. Notably, his time management is terrible. Also, Gase doesn’t make halftime adjustments.

Players Throw Their Support Behind HC Adam Gase, Surprisingly

Even after a disastrous start, the Jets players still support their coach. Right guard Greg Van Roten was one of those to publicly defend Gase, “To fans that are calling for (Gase’s) head, I never really understood that. I was on a team last year. We fired our coach. It’s not like we started winning games. You go further in the tank. I’m not sure what that solves. But I get the frustration”. Jets fans would probably disagree, however, as Adam Gase has proved to be a huge embarrassment.

For instance, whenever things start to take a turn away from the Jets, the Jets seem to have no plan to adjust and bounce back. This is no coincidence as this happened under Gase’s Dolphins as well. Gase is now 30-38 as a head coach and a whopping thirty of those losses were by double-digits. Thus, it’s no surprise that when the Jets are down early, they are usually unable to claw their way back.

Gase Is Not a Leader

Consequentially, Adam Gase’s offenses aren’t the only problem. He’s not a true leader of a team. It feels like players aren’t buying into what Gase is trying to sell them. On both sides of the ball, the team has quit. He doubles down on his mistakes rather than blaming himself. Gase also blames the players, rather than himself. He was a factor in Jamal Adams‘ departure from the team.

Gase has had run-ins with other star players like Ndamukong Suh and Jarvis Landry back in Miami.

Front Office Controversy

Mike Maccagnan Hiring

In 2019, the New York Jets hired Adam Gase as their head coach. The general manager at the time was Mike Maccagnan. A Peyton Manning phone call persuaded the Jets to hire Gase.

After the draft, reports came out of a possible rift between Gase and Maccagnan. The leading factor was Le’Veon Bell. Gase never wanted him and didn’t think he was a fit in the offense. Well, the Jets are still stuck with Bell and he isn’t being properly utilized.  Anyways, Maccagnan was fired in early May because of tensions between him and Gase.

In a competent organization, the team would’ve not allowed Maccagnan to make draft picks or sign players in free agency if you wanted to fire him so badly. Arguably, Mike Maccagnan should’ve been fired along with Bowles.

The Jets hired Philadelphia Eagles VP of Player Personnel Joe Douglas to be their next general manager. A real organization would have the scouting department pick him. But, head coach Adam Gase and CEO Christopher Johnson made the hiring.

Other Controversy

At the end of August in 2019, president Neil Glat stepped down as president of the New York Jets. Hymie Elhai is now the sitting president. Interestingly enough, Elhai helped Christopher Johnson hire Adam Gase. You could tell something is up there.

After the 2019 season, the Jets fired their head trainer John Mellody. He had run-ins with Gase, despite being universally praised by players.

Also, Gase has more of a say in personnel now.

It’s clear that Christopher Johnson gave Adam Gase the keys to the franchise. Gase never deserved to have this kind of position. He has never won a Super Bowl or even sniffed one.

One thing is certain. Adam Gase was never the right choice. Now, the Jets have looked to step back and evaluate. If Gase goes, will it change the team’s fortunes?




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