Three Takeaways From the Giants Game Against The 49ers

This past Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers defeated the New York Giants 36-9. It was a painful loss for the Giants. Following Sunday’s loss, there is much uncertainty with the players and the coaching staff. Here are three takeaways for the winless franchise:

Dave Gettleman’s future with the Giants

It’s time for the Giants to part ways with Dave Gettleman. He is to blame for the Giants’ mistakes. Gettleman has given away important assets for players who have no became consistent playmakers. Some of his worst moves are his selecting first-round draft picks. Some of his picks include DeAndre Baker, who was cut from the roster recently after getting arrested for armed robbery, and Dexter Lawrence, who has 3.5 sacks and 47 tackles in his career. Gettleman has also done poorly in free agency.

He signed several busts, one of them being Nate Solder. Solder has been so bad that Gettleman replaced him with rookie Andrew Thomas. It’s too early to decide on the rookie Thomas. Gettleman has also overpaid for guys like Golden Tate, Patrick Omameh, and Jonathan Stewart. In 2019 he traded third and fifth-round picks for Leonard Williams. Williams is under the franchise tag and the Giants might have to overpay him, trade him, or let him walk in free agency.

Dave Gettleman has made awful decisions as GM and has not stopped losing like he once promised. Changes in the front office must come soon or else the results of the team will not change.

Daniel Jones has regressed

Giants sophomore Daniel Jones has not been easy to back up this season for the fans. Jones continues to hold onto the ball for too long and does not make quick decisions. To be more specific, he throws the ball when nothing is there. Jones has looked really off.

He’s turned the ball over 29 times, has 16 receptions, and 13 fumbles. on Sunday Jones finished 17-of-32 for 179 yards. The Giants can’t afford for Jones to be slumping as he has so far. One really has to wonder whether Daniel Jones is the long-term quarterback for the Giants. This will be a major question mark unless Jones finds a solution.

The O-Line is still putrid

The Giants O-Line has been absolutely putrid, as they have struggled in run and pass blocking. This has led to some players on the roster getting very pissed off. The Giants are currently the worst pass-blocking unit in the league. They are graded at 46.3 compared to the Packers who are at 87.5.

Meanwhile, their run blocking is ranked at 27. The Giants are graded at 56.9 with the Browns at 83.5. It does not help that their young star, Saquon Barkley, is out with an ACL injury. Even with Barkley, the Giants were not running the ball or scoring very much though.

It’s still a young season for the Giants as they are now 0-3 to start. So far these are the main takeaways and changes must happen.


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