4 issues the New York Knicks must address this off-season

After a dismal season for the New York Knicks, newly hired president Leon Rose is preparing to turn everything around. However, in order to reestablish the Knicks as a great organization, there are many issues the Knicks must deal with.

1. Knicks of The Future, Not Now

During the 2019 off-season, the Knicks signed aging players, out of their primes. these players include Taj Gibson, Wayne Ellington, Marcus Morris, and others. None of these players helped pave the way for the future of New York. In fact they did the opposite, keeping the ball out of the hands of 20 year old rookie RJ Barrett. This off-season, it’s important that the front office signs younger dynamic players who can grow in New York.

2. Trade Julius Randle

Although he averaged 19.5 points and 9 rebounds, the 25 year old power forward undoubtedly must leave New York to ensure younger players can reach their potential. Averaging 3 turnovers per game, and becoming known for being an extremely selfish player, it’s clear that Julius Randle is a player that must leave. Although Randle holds a hefty 21 million dollars a year salary with the Knicks, multiple other players have similar contracts, despite how poorly they performed last season. If the Knicks are able to receive any deal for Randle, they will have trouble refusing the deal.

3. Get Everyone On The Same Page

The past few seasons, there has been clear confusing in the front office regarding whether or not to rebuild. Due to this, The Knicks have ended each off-season poorly with players that bring the franchise nowhere. This off-season, the Knicks must all agree to begin rebuilding in New York, to put an end to the poor seasons New York has had in recent years. Once this is achieved, New York will finally start going in the right direction.

4. Build Around Young Knicks

Due to the lack of ball movement within the squad last season, future all-stars RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson, did not receive the tools to up their game last season. However, with a few free agency signings during the off-season, this could change drastically. Players like Fred Van-Vleet and Davis Bertans, neither of which require the ball in the hands to play well, could be potential additions to the squad. Bertans has proved himself to be one of the best 3-point shooters in the league, while Fred Van Vleet has been a large part of the Toronto Raptors’ success in recent seasons. If the Knicks can acquire these players, they could vastly improve their young stars over the coming seasons.

Throughout the last few seasons, the Knicks have been directionless, mainly due to their poor management. However, with the recent changes in management, the front office, along with the coaching staff, looks very strong. If Leon Rose can use his multitude of connections around the league to bring in some helpful additions, the Knicks could flirt with the playoffs next season.

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