Jets’ HC Adam Gase Unlikely To Be Fired After Tonight

Tonight, the New York Jets face the winless Denver Broncos. Despite previous reports, coach Adam Gase‘s job does not hang in the balance tonight, per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

The decision-makers think that it would be detrimental to third-year quarterback Sam Darnold if Adam Gase was fired. Notably, team management wants to see if Gase can turn the ship around.

Importantly, history has shown that long weeks can lead to job turnover. After tonight’s game, the Jets will not play for 10 days. On October 11, Gang Green is set to host the Arizona Cardinals at 1 P.M.

Coming into this year, many analysts and fans alike didn’t expect much from the Jets this year. Importantly, Gang Green is still rebuilding. Anyways, no one expected this team to be this terrible.

The Jets are coming off of a 36-7 road loss to the Indianapolis Colts. Importantly, Sam Darnold struggled heavily, throwing three interceptions, two which resulted in pick-sixes.

Does Pulling the Plug on Jets’ HC Adam Gase Do Anything?

Would pulling the plug on Jets head coach Adam Gase actually do any good? Yes, it would satisfy a very frustrated Jets fanbase. But, does it do good for the team in general?

For the team, I believe it would. Sam Darnold needs a new voice in his ear. Gase’s playbook isn’t helping Darnold or the Jets offense in general. Quite frankly, the playcalling is pretty predictable. The third-down screen passes and the second down and long runs have been the most eye-grabbing.

Adam Gase never opens the playbook and it’s the same old song and dance. Not only that, Gase never makes halftime adjustments and is terribly manages the clock.

After games, Jets head coach Adam Gase has made constant excuses for the team’s faulty play. He’s made the claim that injuries are the reason why the team has no offensive identity. Rather than his suspect playcalling, Gase blames the execution of the play calls.

Some say that Jets’ Adam Gase has too much word in personnel.  Rather than re-sign 31-year old backup running back Bilal Powell, the team signed 37-year old running back Frank Gore. Gase claimed he’d be a great leader in the locker room. So far, there is no sign of leadership in the locker room.

The idea here is anything Jets’ HC Adam Gase touches turns to dust. He’s had years to prove himself as a brilliant offensive mind and competent head coach. So far, he hasn’t. Why would he change after five years? Adam Gase has screwed up an opportunity to redeem himself in NY. But, he’s making the same mistakes he did in Miami with the Dolphins.




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