Potential Tate-Ramsey Showdown Could Get Messy

Real World Meets The Sports World

It’s rare when you get a matchup in the sporting world that has real-world connotations attached to it. On Sunday, when the New York Giants travel to play the Los Angeles Rams, we get just that. Once upon a time, LA Rams star cornerback, Jalen Ramsey, and NYG wide receiver, Golden Tate were on track to be family.  Ramsey was in a long-term relationship with Tate’s sister, Breanna.

The couple has two children together- both daughters. Breelyn Erin was born on July 16, 2018. Their second daughter, Brooklyn, was born on September 27, 2019.

The pair went their separate ways before the birth of their second daughter.  Initially, there was hope for a harmonious split, but that dissolved rather quickly.


Things Get Personal

Ramsey left Tate’s sister shortly before the birth of their second daughter. A month later, he made it ‘Facebook Official’ with his new girlfriend- Las Vegas dancer, Monica Giavanna.

This is when things got personal for Golden.

In the comment section of @DraftDiamonds initial report of the Ramsey post, Tate wrote, “He gonna have to see me.”

When asked about the possibility of facing off with Tate this week, Ramsey responded, “No comment.”


Different Careers, Different Direction

This on-field matchup is billed as more of David vs Goliath, opposed to a clash of two heavyweight titans.

They are simply at different stages of their respective careers.

While still serviceable, Tate is in his 11th season and on the wrong side of 30. He has clearly lost a step, look at his lack of separation while running routes.

This is not the same Tate who averaged 85 receptions and 987 yards per season while leading all NFL wideouts in forced missed tackles from 2013-2018.

Ramsey on the other hand is quite possibly the top cornerback in the NFL. LA traded two first-round picks along with a fourth to acquire his rights last October.

Now entering in his fifth season, Ramsey has been to 3- Pro Bowls and is a 1X First-Team All-Pro.


What To Expect

In all likelihood, both teams are aware of the on-going feud and have spoken to their respective players.

Chances are, nothing is going to happen on the field that is extracurricular in nature.  Although it would possibly be the best fight the Giants put up so far this season.

It’s hard to think this receiving corps could play any worse. Now imagine them without Golden Tate- Yikes.

Maybe the team will rally around Tate this week.  They could use his emotions as motivation.   As an inspiration to play like a team who has their brothers back.

Maybe they’ll show some passion, and fight like a team with too much pride to start the year 0-4.

Or maybe L.A. will once again assert their dominance.

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