2020 Mets Season Awards

Even though the 2020 Mets were disappointing, there were some bright spots. The Mets had an up and down season in 2020. There wasn’t one specific, consistent department on the team. Yet, some players showed up for the 60 game season. Today, I will be giving out awards to the Mets player who played the best in actual MLB awards. Those awards will be MVP, Cy Young, Rookie of the year, and comeback player of the year. So without further to do, let’s get into the awards.

Mets Cy Young award

The best pitcher on the Mets. It’s shocking to see who the best pitcher on the Mets was in 2020. Just kidding. It’s obvious who the 2020 Mets Cy Young is. DeGrom already has 2 NL Cy youngs to his name in a complete 162 game seasons. He’ll probably be a candidate for this season’s NL MVP. If anyone asks who this person’s name is, it would be Jacob DeGrom. DeGrom was realistically one of the two only good pitchers this year who started well in the rotation. The other guy would be David Peterson, but that’s beside the point. To the surprise of nobody, DeGrom is again the best pitcher on the Mets.

Mets Rookie of the year award

The Mets only had two rookies who made significant contributions to the team. Those rookies being starting pitcher David Peterson and infielder Andrés Giménez. Both players had outstanding seasons, making it tough to decide on who wins the award. But after tons of debating, Giménez came up on top. For a player who was a surprise to make the Opening day, it didn’t seem realistic that he’d play in 49 of the Mets 60 games. He also made an excellent case for himself to be the starting shortstop. His stats were Offensively included with a .263 batting average, three home runs, 31 hits, and 12 RBIs. But, his strength is his defense in the infield. He made a bunch of “how did he do that” plays in the infield this season. Giménez is only 22 years; he still has plenty of growth for development.

Comeback player of the year award

The comeback player of the year for the Mets had a bunch of suitors. The main suitors are Robinson Cano, Dominic Smith, and Edwin Díaz. They all had seemingly good seasons. They all went through tough times in a baseball sense last season and had a better season this year. That being said, the winner of the award is Dominic Smith. Smith didn’t play much last year while suffering through a bunch of injuries. When he was healthy last season, he seemed to struggle or find himself mostly on the bench. The jersey number change did the trick because Smith had a resurgence in 2020. Overall, his statistics were excellent. The most impressive stat was his 42 RBIs and ten homers. He was one of the most hitters for the 2020 Mets, and that’s why he deserved comeback player of the year.

MVP award

Last but certainly not least, who was the most valuable player for the Mets in 2020? There are a few players who are in the race for 2020 Mets MVP. Those players being Micheal Conforto, Dominic Smith, Pete Alonso, Jacob DeGrom, and JD Davis. There was only one guy who gave the team an excellent chance to win every time he played. That player would be Mets’ ace Jacob DeGrom. DeGrom had a stellar season once again for the Mets. Dominating with a 2.38 ERA, four wins, 104 strikeouts, and a WHIP of 0.96 in 68 innings. DeGrom was one of the main reasons the Mets had any chance at making the playoffs, even though they ended up missing out.

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