The New York Jets Continue to Mishandle Injuries

This season, the New York Jets have reached new lows in certain categories. Mishandling injuries is one of those certain categories.

To start out, the Jets have a lot of injured players on their roster. Some are eligible to return this week. But, that doesn’t save them.

This week, Jets starting quarterback Sam Darnold will be out this Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals. Joe Flacco will start in his place.

Let’s look at the gross mismanagement of Darnold’s injury and other numerous injuries.

Sam Darnold

As previously stated, Sam Darnold is out for Week 5’s contest against the Arizona Cardinals due to a shoulder injury.

In Week 4 against the Denver Broncos, Darnold landed on his shoulder when he was sacked by Broncos linebacker Alexander Johnson. The hit seemed illegal but the referees didn’t call roughing the passer. Anyways, Darnold left the game after the ensuing play. He would remain out for the ensuing drive with Joe Flacco as his replacement.

Flacco started the next Jets’ drive as the signal-caller. On third down of that drive, Sam Darnold came back on the field. Nonetheless, it was third down. The result of the play was a sack on Darnold. The Jets punted.

Sam Darnold remained in for the rest of the game. But the injury issue didn’t stop there.

Now, it appears that Darnold will miss some time. Per head coach Adam Gase, he is listed as week-to-week.

It seemed as though the team put Sam Darnold back on the field as this was a playoff game. It wasn’t. But, Adam Gase must be coaching for his job since he decided to keep Darnold on the field.

Mehki Becton Injury

Mehki Becton is arguably the best player the Jets have right now. He plays with heart and effort and will battle to the last down. Becton has battled the toughest of pass rushers and yet has allowed only one sack.

In four games, Becton has become the franchise cornerstone the team has hoped for. He’s lived up to being selected 11th overall. Now, he is going to miss more time than anticipated due to gross injury mismanagement.

It all started when Mekhi Becton injured his shoulder in the first half of Week 3’s contest against the Indianapolis Colts. Becton didn’t practice all week and hasn’t practiced in general since September 25. He has only participated in walk-throughs.

Questionably so, the Jets made Mehki Becton active for Week 4’s Thursday night contest against the Denver Broncos. Duly noted, Becton was listed as the emergency backup left tackle to Chuma Edoga. A couple plays into the first offensive drive, Edoga goes down with an injury. You’d figure they bring in backup Conor McDermott to replace Edoga. Wrong.

The Jets questionably replaced Edoga with Mehki Becton, who didn’t practice all week. The team took a risk on an injured player. And the risk failed.

Becton left the game with a shoulder injury and never returned. Now, he is expected to miss some time due to another case of team injury mismanagement. Per Adam Gase, the injury is a strength issue. Becton is working to build strength in his shoulder again.

Gross injury mismanagement by the Jets has now affected one of the team’s crucial building blocks.

Le’Veon Bell

Another player that falls victim to injury mismanagement is running back Le’Veon Bell. Oddly enough, he returns to the field this week.

Bell has not played since the season opener against the Buffalo Bills. In the first half, Bell fell awkwardly on the turf while trying to catch a pass on a wheel route. He would be out for the remainder of the half.

Recklessly, the Jets allowed him to become back in the second half. Only to re-injure his hamstring. After the game, Le’Veon Bell was placed on injured reserve. This week, he was eligible to come off of injured reserve. The team activated Bell from injured reserve on Wednesday.

The training staff and head coach Adam Gase nearly jeopardized the team’s best weapon’s health at all costs. The team is fortunate that he is coming back this week and will be needed at all costs.

The team will not be able to do much with Joe Flacco at the helm.

C.J. Mosley

This dates back to last season. As you know, C.J. Mosley missed most of the 2019 season for the Jets due to a nagging groin injury. But, fans forget this injury was grossly mismanaged as well.

So, C.J. Mosley injured his groin after breaking up a pass in the endzone during the third quarter of the season opener. He would remain out for the game.

Mosley was supposed to be out indefinitely. However, the Jets rushed him back to health for Week 7’s primetime contest against the New England Patriots. In that game, Mosley didn’t look 100 percent and played poorly.

After the game, it was revealed that Mosley reaggravated his groin and would need surgery to repair the injury. The Jets placed him on injured reserve on December 3, ending his season effectively.


I could’ve talked about the influx of injuries the Jets have had over the past two or three seasons. Could it be because of Adam Gase? I don’t know.

But, one thing is certain. Since Gase has been here, the team has mismanaged injuries to four of the team’s key players. For Darnold’s injury, it’s a true fireable offense. Injuries will continue to wreak havoc on this team.

Adam Gase couldn’t be gone fast enough.

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