Jets Outlook to Bye Week is Not Looking Pretty

The New York Jets have not a good season to this point. To put it bluntly, it’s been sort of a disgrace. The team does not have any fight or pride seemingly as they have lost every game without a fight. The Jets were not expected to make the playoffs, but they weren’t supposed to be this bad.

Sam Darnold has taken steps backward, although his offensive line has not been much of a help, as he is up near the top of the league in pressures faced. His top weapons have also missed some time or been ineffective. Joe Douglas promised Darnold’s parents around the time of the draft that he would give him protection and weapons. For the most part, that has not been the case.

The Jets will now have a big decision to make at the end of the season if they do indeed pick first overall in next year’s NFL Draft. But before we get there, there are still eleven games left in the season. The Jets bye week is week 10, which got pushed back from week eleven due to scheduling changes.

Adam Gase Likely Hear to Stay As Fans Call for His Head

The Jets plan is to clearly ride with head coach Adam Gase, who has been an absolute disaster, as the Jets likely believe that holding on to Gase is their best bet to getting the first pick. Unfortunately for Jets fans, there’s not going to be much forward to look forward to the rest of the way. The Jets’ remaining schedule is brutal, and barring the unexpected, the Jets will likely win two games at most. As we look to the bye week, we’ll go through each week and break down the Jets chances each game and predictions.

Jets Head to Miami to Face Dolphins

Jets @ Dolphins- 10/18

Originally, the Jets were scheduled to head out west for a matchup against the Los Angeles Chargers. Scheduling changes pushed this game back to Week 11, which was the Jets original bye week. Now, the Jets bye week will be Week 10. The Jets-Dolphins game was supposed to be played that week.

This may be the most likely chance the Jets have at getting a win before the bye week. The Dolphins have actually not been bad this season, as Ryan Fitzpatrick has put up another strong start. He is has thrown for a completion rating of 70.6 with 1344 yards,  seven touchdowns, and five interceptions. His quarterback rating is 95.3, which is better than Darnold’s 70.7.

The Dolphins also recently just handed the San Francisco 49ers a surprising crushing loss, as it seems the Niners injuries caught up in their matchup with Miami. The Dolphins are well-coached with Brian Flores at the helm, and their three losses have been generally been close. Only one loss was by a two-score margin, as they fell 21-11 to the Patriots in their season opener.

The Dolphins have shown something that the Jets have been unable to, which is fight. The Jets have trailed early and were never able to get it going in each game. Thus, while this may be the closest the game the Jets have before the bye, the Jets will likely end up losing to Miami.

Prediction: Dolphins 27-20

Jets vs Bills at MetLife Stadium

Jets vs Bills- 10/25

The Bills are an absolutely stacked team offensively and defensively. As we saw in Week 1, the Jets never really stood a chance from the beginning at kickoff. This will likely happen again when the two teams meet on the 25th of October. The Bills will be expected to take an early lead and hold it throughout the game. Although the Jets are the home squad, the Bills are likely to be the heavy favorites.

They are better than the Jets in every facet of the game, including offense, defense, coaching, and discipline. They also have a better quarterback who has a lot more established weapons around him. As much talent and potential there is for Darnold, Josh Allen has taken the necessary steps to be a top quarterback. However, the blame does not lie solely on Darnold, who has been given little weapons and protection to work with.

Darnold has thrown for a completion rating of 59.4  with 792 yards. Meanwhile, Josh Allen has completed 70.9 percent of his passes and has thrown for 1300 yards. Their quarterback ratings are 70.7 for Darnold and 122.7 for Allen. Allen has cemented himself as a top ten quarterback in the league and is leading the Bills to a 4-0 record. The Bills should win this game fairly easily.

Prediction: Bills 38-17

Jets Travel To Kansas City to Face Reigning Super Bowl Champions

Jets @ Chiefs- 11/1

Yet another game in which the Jets are not expected to be competitive. The reigning Super Bowl champions led by Patrick Mahomes are 4-1 on the season and are expected to easily win this game. The Chiefs are playing at their home stadium and expected to be heavy favorites.

With a putrid Jets offense led by Adam Gase, the Jets will have a hard time scoring against the Chiefs. That is even though they’re not statistically a top defense in the league. The Chiefs offense, however, which is top five in total yards, passing yards, points, and third-down conversion percentage, will eat the Jets defense alive.

Prediction: Chiefs 45-10

Jets Host Patriots at Home Looking to End Skid vs New England

Jets vs Patriots- 11/9

Although the Patriots lost Jets nemesis, Tom Brady, don’t expect things to magically get better for the Jets against their division rival New England Patriots. The Jets are not only not a good team this year, they are downright pitiful. They are likely to head into this matchup with the Patriots with an 0-8 record, with a 1-7 record at best.

The Patriots will likely be in the playoff race the whole year as Cam Newton has been a pleasant surprise. The Jets haven’t beat the Patriots since December 2015 when Ryan Fitzpatrick was the quarterback, and Eric Decker caught a game-winning reception in the most exciting game of that season.

Since then, however, the Patriots have gotten the better of the Jets every other game. As a result, it doesn’t seem likely that the Jets will be able to break that streak in either game this season. While the Patriots are not as strong both defensively and offensively as last year, they shouldn’t have trouble with New York.

Prediction: Patriots 34-13

As a result, if it’s not clear already, the Jets are going to have a hard time winning a game before their bye week. Their schedule isn’t doing them any favors, which is a huge factor. However, it’s not just the schedule as the Jets as constructed are not a good football team. The good thing for the Jets is that they can already start planning for the draft next year. There’s a lot of work ahead for Joe Douglas and company. Hang in there Jets fans, Trevor Lawrence is coming!

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