Thomas Greiss : His Tenure on the Island

Thomas Greiss spent five years in the Islanders organization. He was signed in the summer of 2015, after the Islanders lost in Game seven to the Washington Capitals. That year, the Islanders struggled to have two goalies that were consistent.  Greiss was Marc Andrei-Fluery’s backup on the Pittsburgh Penguins. He was good, but he didn’t get a lot of exposure in Pittsburgh. Then Garth Snow signed him and he came to the Islanders. As he just signed with the Detroit Red Wings to become their starter, it’s time to reflect on his time. Let’s get into his time year by year with the Islanders.


The 2015-16 Islanders season, was a special season. That year was the first season at the Barclays Center. But, more importantly that was the first season the Islanders won a first round series in 23 years. In that regular season, he started 38 games. He won 23 games, 11 loses, and four overtime losses. A goals against average of 2.36 and a save percentage of .925. He started in the 2016 playoffs because Jaroslav Halak was injured. In those playoffs, he started 11 games won five of them and lost six of them. A playoff goals against average of 2.46 and a save percentage of .923. That season he played in a Game six which was one of the biggest games of his life. In that game he kept the Islanders in the game with only giving up one goal. To say the least, Greiss’ first season with the Islanders was solid.


The second season on the Island for Thomas Greiss was very interesting. Greiss became the starter throughout that season because of a petty feud between Jaroslav Halak and Garth Snow. He started 49 games that season for the Islanders. Greiss had 26 wins, 18 losses, and five overtime losses. The German goalie had a goals against average of 2.69 and a save percentage of .913. He got three shutouts that year being a real force in net. He helped the Islanders stay in contention until the final day of the season. Even though the Islanders missed the playoffs that year, Greiss again had a great season.


This season was one of Greiss’s worst in his Islanders tenure. It was also the season where he played the least amount of games. The 2017-18 season saw Greiss start 25 games, he was realistically Halak’s backup that season. His record was 13 wins, 8 losses, and two overtime losses. His goals against average was a career low 3.82, a save% of .892, and he recorded one shutout. This season was a down year for Greiss, this had him yearning for a comeback season.


The 2018-19 season may as well be called the resurgence of Greiss. He at 33 years old unquestionably had the best season of his career. He split the season alternating starts with Robin Lehner. The duo of Greiss and Lehner were able to win the Jennings trophy. The Jennings trophy is given to statistically the best goalie tandem in the NHL. That season, Greiss recorded a career high five shutouts. He won 23 games, lost 14, and had two overtime losses. Along with a save percentage of .927 as well as a goals against average of 2.28. Even though he had an amazing season he didn’t start a single playoff game. But, it’s safe to say that Greiss’s 4th season with the Islanders was a massive success.


His last season on the Island. This was the season for him to prove himself to the NHL, for a bigger contract. It was known from the start that it was Greiss’s last on the Islanders. In the regular season, Greiss started 29 games. He recorded 16 wins, nine losses, and four overtime losses. That being said, he had a 2.74 goals against average and a .913 save percentage. But, the playoffs was where he really shinned. Greiss had the best postseason of his career. In the four games, he went 2-2, including a goals against average of 2.02. He also had a save percentage of .929. This includes the most important game of his career, Game seven. Where Thomas Greiss shut out the Philedelphia Flyers to help the Islanders advance to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since 1993.

Greiss is about to start a new chapter in Detriot as their starting goaltender. At 34 years old, the German goalie looks as good as he’s ever looked. Furthermore, Greiss had a massive impact on the Islanders organization for the last five years. The best version of Thomas Greiss so far is undoubtedly Islanders Greiss. Thomas Greiss is a top five best goaltender in Islanders history. There were many memorable moments from Thomas Greiss’s tenure with the Islanders. Which moment was the most memorable?

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