Joe Flacco Set To Start Again This Week For The New York Jets

For the second consecutive week, veteran quarterback Joe Flacco will be the New York Jets‘ offensive signal-caller. Third-year quarterback Sam Darnold will sit out again.

Unbelievably so, Flacco is 6-0 versus the Miami Dolphins in his career. Can he guide the Jets to their first win of the season?

Once again, Flacco will be receiving play calls this week from head coach Adam Gase. On Monday, Gase was considering giving the offensive playcalling to someone else on the offensive coaching staff. But, he took his duty back.

Adam Gase has called plays in all 69 of his games as a head coach. In pressers this week, he sounded hopeful that Sam Darnold can play next week against the Buffalo Bills. In a radio interview earlier this week, Darnold stated his shoulder was “feeling a lot better”. He also noted that he still experiences pain “every now and then”.

With playoffs out of the picture for the New York Jets, the team opted for a cautious approach for their young quarterback. Hopefully, Sam Darnold can rebound after an inconsistent start against the Denver Broncos.

On Sunday’s contest against the Arizona Cardinals, Joe Flacco showed some signs of early tarnish early on. As the game moved along, Flacco got more comfortable as the game went along.

In that game, Flacco completed 18 of 30 passes and threw for 195 yards and a touchdown with no turnovers.

Dating back to his rookie season, the Jets are 0-6 without Sam Darnold.


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