DeAngelo and Georgiev Extensions

As the Covid turns so does the offseason for The New York Rangers and believe me, times are golden for The New York Rangers.  Make no mistake that Rangers president John Davidson is smart and is building the organization in a way that a true piece of art needs to have a double look to appreciate the artist. Ok buddies, The New York Rangers get an A- from me, only because of the signing of Jack Johnson, who is just in the locker room to mentor, John Davidson called checkmate to free agency when he signed Johnson. Today is the focus on the contract extensions of Tony DeAngelo and Alexander Georgiev; though I like the two-year deals which are fair, here are my thoughts

Tony DeAngelo

A two-year contract at 4.8 mil average for two years is clearly the winner here for both The New York Rangers and Tony who had a career year before the shortened season. Tony D. had 53 points kids, 15 goals, and 38 assists. He is 24 years of age and skating into his confidence. OK, why the two-year deal makes sense? My honest opinion? Let’s look at last year where he was paired with Marc Stall, this is a segway into my next article, K’Andre Miller. Everything about this signing makes cosmic sense. Signing Tony D gives The New York Rangers a solid power play quarterback while Adam Fox will be the future on defense. No doubt that this will be a year for Tony to earn that money. In my opinion, we have a solid number one defense in Adam Fox and Ryan Lindgren. John Davidson wins.

Alexander Georgiev

Georgiev signed a two-year contract extension for 2.4 mil, here John Davidson wins again. He wasn’t lights out having a record of 17-14-2, however, he was clutch on the road with 13 wins. Georgiev gives The New York Rangers a solid two goaltending rotation that will be problems for the rest of the National Hockey League. Some may ask why the short term contract? Two words, expansion draft. As the Seattle Kraken will build their roster from the 31 teams, as per the rules The New York Rangers can only protect one goaltender, so let the battle for Seattle commence amongst the two 24-year-olds: this story by itself should be fun.





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