Trades the Brooklyn Nets Should Consider This Offseason

The Brooklyn Nets enter the offseason with one of the best rosters in the NBA. On paper, they look like the clear favorites to win the Eastern Conference title. However, a debate has lingered over them for months. 

Should they trade their depth for a third star, or wait and see how a full healthy team plays first?

Personally, I don’t think the Nets should trade for a third star. Depth can become key for a team with championship expectations, especially when the two stars are injury prone. Trading can also backfire on the Nets down the line, something Nets fans are all too familiar with.

Although trading for a third star shouldn’t be the team’s main priority, there can be an argument made for it. The NBA as it currently stands does not have a current superteam. A trade for a third star could potentially give the Brooklyn Nets a much higher ceiling next season. The Nets would not only become contenders for the title, but likely favorites.

There’s also a chance the Nets’ roster won’t fit well together. The team’s top four players are all heavy isolation players that need the ball in their hands to be effective. Acquiring a player who can play off-ball and bring some defensive intensity could be a good move. 

Listed below are three potential trades the Nets can make this offseason to acquire a third star.

Trade #1:

Nets acquire: G Jrue Holiday, F Darius Miller

Pelicans acquire: G Caris LeVert, F Taurean Prince, F Dzanan Musa, 2021 lottery protected 1st round pick (via Brooklyn)

For the Brooklyn Nets, this trade gives them one of the most underrated players in the game. Jrue Holidayis arguably the best perimeter defender in the league, who’s a legit third option on offense. Most importantly, Holiday is someone who can be extremely effective playing off-ball.

The Pelicans get another great cornerstone piece in Caris LeVert to add to their young core, along with Taurean Princeand Dzanan Musa. Considering that Holiday may have already reached his peak with New Orleans, trading him when he still has good value makes a lot of sense. The Pelicans will most-likely get a lot of attention for Holiday this offseason, so the Nets need to make sure they weigh all their options.

Trade #2:

Nets acquire: G Victor Oladipo

Pacers acquire: G Spencer Dinwiddie, F Taurean Prince, 2021 unprotected 2nd round pick (via Atlanta)

Victor Oladipo can be an under-the-radar pickup for the Brooklyn Nets. Ever since his breakout season in 2018, Victor Oladipo’s career has been decimated by injuries. Acquiring him when his value is low, should be something the Nets realistically consider. Spencer Dinwiddie, Taurean Prince, and a second round pick may be all it takes to get Oladipo. 

Oladipo, when healthy, is an All-Defensive team level defender who can also play off-ball. While the risk may be higher for him, considering his injury history, the payoff could end up being great for the Nets.

Trade #3:

Nets acquire: Paul George

Clippers acquire: Caris LeVert, Taurean Prince, Dzanan Musa, two unprotected 2021 2nd round pick (via Atlanta & Phoenix) 

Oh Paul George. The nicknames, the memes, the slander. After an embarrassing first season in Los Angeles, the Clippers could be ready to move on from George. 

Here’s where the Nets can make their move. 

Lets not forget that only two years ago, Paul George finished top three in MVP voting. He’s arguably a top 10 player in the league when he’s on his game. An elite scorer, as well as defender, George will be on a vengeance tour next season. 

A change of scenery could help propel Paul George back to the star player we all know. The Clippers will be desperate to get something for George considering the amount they gave up for him, so the Nets shouldn’t let this opportunity pass. The Brooklyn Nets would have three bonafide stars if they acquired Paul George. 

Final Thoughts

While I don’t think trading for a third star should be the Nets main focus, they should consider all offers. If they receive an offer they can’t refuse, I do believe they should go all-in on the move. A team in a championship mindset should contemplate all options.

Including a player like Caris LeVert or Spencer Dinwiddie in a trade would be tough to make as a Nets fan, but that’s the business of the game. You always try to improve your team. I don’t know what exactly the Nets are going to do this offseason, but I hope the betterment of the team is priority number one. 

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