Are the 2020 Jets The Worst Team Ever?

The first half of this New York Jets season has been nothing short of atrocious and unwatchable. From injuries to key players to Adam Gase‘s pathetic play-calling, the Jets are currently the NFL’s lone winless team at 0-7.

While expectations weren’t that high this season, the team needs to get on track sooner than later. If the Jets stay at this pace and don’t win a game for the rest of the year, major changes could be coming this offseason.

Although quarterback Sam Darnold was expected to take the next step in 2020, he has regressed from a year ago.

Players have even begun to turn on Gase directly since is even losing the locker room. So far in 2020, the Jets have lost 3 games by 20 or more and have only 2 leads all season. When comparing this mess to other teams in the past, where do the Jets rank among the worst?

In NFL history, there have been two teams to go 0-16 in the regular season. The two teams that went 0-16 were the 2008 Detroit Lions and the 2017 Cleveland Browns. Coming close were the 2007 Miami Dolphins, 2009 St. Louis Rams, and 2016 Cleveland Browns all at 1-15. Many experts thought the 2017 New York Jets had a significantly high chance of not winning a game, but they were competitive and went 5-11.

Gang Green has the three things you don’t want in a team: dysfunction, lack of talent, and incompetent coaching.

How Do the Jets Rank Against the 2017 Browns?

As many of you know, the Cleveland Browns have been the laughing stock of the NFL in the 21st century. Whether it has been awful quarterback play or historically bad coaching, the team always finds a way to disappoint. Now, let’s compare the winless 2017 squad with the 2020 Jets.

2017 Browns vs 2020 Jets

QB: Sam Darnold over DeShone Kizer

RB: Isaiah Crowell over Frank Gore

Wide Receivers: Jets

O-LINE: Browns

Total Offense: Browns

Front Seven: Jets

Cornerbacks: Browns

Safety: Jets

Coaching: Even

While the Jets certainly have the edge at quarterback and receiver, the Browns have the better talent on the offensive line and a better run game. Therefore, while close,  I believe the Browns had a more complete offense. Cleveland had David Njoku at tight end as well, who was very solid as a rookie in 2017. These two defenses were both terrible, but I think the Browns have the worse unit. Coaching is where comparing these two teams can get extremely difficult.  I wouldn’t start a franchise with either Gase or Hue Jackson. They are that bad.

Can the Jets Get Rid of  This Status?

With last week’s 18-10 loss to the Buffalo Bills, the Jets fell to a lowly 0-7 on the year.  However, Gang Green travels to Kansas City to play the reigning Super Bowl Champion Chiefs this week. Then, they host the New England Patriots before the bye week.

After the bye, the Jets have road contests against the Chargers, Rams, Seahawks, and Patriots. They will welcome the Browns and Dolphins to MetLife Stadium. While it is incredibly rare for a team to finish winless, this schedule is brutal. If the team isn’t at least competitive for any of the games, this may be the worst team of all time.

Although it is unlikely the team wins a single game, there can be an unexpected upset win sometimes. Last season, many analysts and experts thought the Miami Dolphins wouldn’t win a game after a pathetic 0-7 start. However, they went 5-4 down the stretch to finish 5-11. They also saw breakout seasons from offensive players such as Devante Parker and Mike Gesicki. You never know, the Jets can finish 7-9 again?

Analysis and Prediction:

As of now, I see the Jets in a tie for the worst all-time team with the 2008 Lions. In the draft that season, Detroit found their franchise quarterback in Matthew Stafford. Could this be the same scenario with Trevor Lawrence? My prediction is that the Jets finish 2-14 and win over the Chargers and Browns. Only time will tell, however, whether they’re the worst of all time, or not.




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