Jets General Manager Joe Douglas Speaks to Media

Yesterday, second year New York Jets’ general manager Joe Douglas spoke to the media regarding the team’s current status. While most of the blame for the team’s dysfunction should be on head coach Adam Gase, Douglas also has his part in the teams’ winless start to 2020.

In yesterday’s conference, Joe Douglas stated that while the team has played poorly, they are giving maximum effort in practice. Even though Douglas has defended Gase, this team would be in a much better spot without the subpar coaching.

 Approaching Needs

Joe Douglas also dressed how he was attacking free agency last season by trying to sign skill position players and offensive linemen, both position of need. However, he stated that it hasn’t “materialized so far”.

New York signed players such as Breshad Perriman, Connor McGovern, and Pierre Desir. Those players haven’t provided much and the team is suffering partially due to that reason. Perriman has missed a few games due to injury and McGovern hasn’t proven to be the center he was in Denver with the Broncos.

Even though Joe Douglas thought hard about bringing back wideout Robby Anderson, he was let go and signed by the Carolina Panthers. Notably, Douglas admitted to miscalculating Anderson’s value.

 The Future of the New York Jets

Joe Douglas was asked about the future of the team and quarterback Sam Darnold as well. First off, Douglas admitted he didn’t put enough talent around him.

While Gang Green may move on from him this offseason, Douglas said he is the “quarterback of the future”. It is safe to say that Sam Darnold is deserving of a fresh start elsewhere. If they get the 1st overall pick in the draft, all eyes are on Clemson’s star quarterback in Trevor Lawrence.

Next offseason, the Jets will look to build more through the draft than free agency, Douglas says. He also stated that the whole team is frustrated where they are as of now. What the future holds as of now is fully unpredictable.


When speaking to the media as a general manager, you can’t always be honest about what is occurring.  Yesterday, Joe Douglas said the head coach Adam Gase wasn’t the main issue. Additionally, while Douglas may not think Adam Gase is the right leader for the team, he can’t publicly speak poorly about him to the press. It is almost certain Joe Douglas will get criticized for publicly supporting Gase.

Joe Douglas is also happy with the work players have put in, but it hasn’t translated to one win. In my opinion, players on the Jets are hungry and want to thrive for success, but Gase is ultimately holding many players back. Players such as Jarvis Landry, Ryan Tannehill, and Devante Parker have thrived after Gase left the team.

On a positive note, Joe Douglas was extremely proud of how the 2020 rookie class has been performing and is ecstatic about the draft capital they have in the nearby future. The team currently holds two 2021 first-round picks. Additionally, they have loads of young talent on the squad and players on the rise to glory. Two players who are in the Jets future are Mekhi Becton and Quinnen Willams.






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