Precious Achiuwa: How He Would Fit With The Knicks

When the New York Knicks received the 8th pick in the draft, many doors closed for them. However, there are still many landable players that could be a great fit in New York. Memphis Tigers power forward Precious Achiuwa is one of those, a potential make or break player for The Knicks. Here’s how Achiuwa could immediately impact The Knicks.

What Can Precious Achiuwa Add?

Achiuwa is an extremely energetic player who has an enormous amount of potential. He is dominant off the pick and roll and can get to the rim quite easily. Achiuwa is speedy for a 6’9 forward and was one of the most explosive power-forwards in the NCAA. A defensive duo in Mitchell Robinson and Precious Achiuwa could be devastating to other teams in the future. The Nigerian is also a good shooter, with an impressive 50% from the field. Achiuwa could be a significant factor in spreading the floor, something The Knicks have had problems doing.

Achiuwa’s Weaknesses

Despite having many strengths, Precious Achiuwa possesses many bad habits that won’t fare well in the NBA. Many of these habits stem from the fact that Achiuwa does not have a great basketball IQ. His main flaw is forcing bad shots that miss more often than they hit. Achiuwa takes a lot of deep contested shots that aren’t acceptable at The NBA level. Furthermore, the power-forward has struggled with turnovers. Averaging just under three turnovers per game, Precious Achiuwa will have difficulty easing into the NBA if he can’t kill these bad habits.

NBA Comparison

Precious Achiuwa is a very complex player and has shown shades of many great NBA players. A mix of Montrezl Harrell and Pascal Siakam maybe what to expect of him. Achiuwa emulates Harrell’s aggressiveness and energy on the court and shows off Siakham’s offensive ability at getting to the rim while being a decent shooter.

If the Knicks consider drafting Precious Achiuwa, they’ll need to consider if Tom Thibodeau and his staff have what it takes to turn him into a great player. They can’t afford another failed developmental player.

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