New York Mets Part Ways With General Manager Brodie Van Wagenen

Steve Cohen has officially taken over as the new owner of the New York Mets. Once taking over, Cohen did some house cleaning. With the changes, Brodie Van Wagenen is no longer the general manager of the organization. This was expected from Cohen taking over. Brodie Van Wagenen was not the greatest at his job during his time in the Big Apple and it seemed like the right time to part ways.

Van Wagenen’s career summed up by one trade

Van Wagenen’s time as General Manager is really summed up by one trade. Trading Jarred Kelinic, Jay Bruce, Gerson Bautista, and Anthony Swarzak for Edwin Diaz and Robinson Cano. Evidently, this was his first trade as GM and it was definitely the move that is most evident in his GM career.

Cano and Diaz have been decent at best for the Mets, but not what they were brought in to be. Diaz blew eleven saves in his first two years with the Mets (though saving 32 games). Robinson Cano’s batting average improved from a .256 to a .316 from 2019 to 2020. Cano has hit 23 home runs and 69 RBIs in his first 156 games with the Mets.

Trading Jared Kelinic was the mistake of this trade because there is a chance he can become a star in Seattle. He wanted to make a splash too early and that’s really what defined his general managing career.

Alderson will become the Mets new president

As the Mets seem to be turning the chapters into a new era, Van Wagenen wasn’t the guy to help steer the ship as GM. Following this move, Sandy Alderson will become the team president. Also, Alderson was the GM of the team just about two years ago when he stepped down because of a recurrence of cancer. Unquestionably, Alderson will now be given the freedom of spending that he didn’t have in his first Mets tenure.

What are the Mets going to do with a vacant GM spot?

It is unclear what the Mets will do with the now vacant GM spot. There’s a chance that they don’t announce a GM soon and Alderson will have roster power for now. Realistically there will be a new general manager eventually, but with Alderson making moves there may be no need.


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