New York Knicks Draft Profile: Auburn Small Forward Isaac Okoro

When the New York Knicks received the 8th pick in the NBA draft, many good players would no longer be available. Despite the drop-off in options, 6’6 guard Isaac Okoro is a player that could potentially fall into the Knicks lap at their pick. Okoro is a massive addition to the team if selected. However, there are many flaws in his game that will be looked at closely on draft day.

Isaac Okoro’s Strengths

Isaac Okoro is a powerful player and is one of the best defenders in the draft. He can guard players bigger than him and rarely gets caught out of position. Defensively, Okoro is very conservative, rarely causing fouls and not getting many steals. His defensive abilities should translate to the NBA, and it is difficult to imagine him struggling in that area of the game.

Offensively, Okoro is very good at getting to the rim. He has developed a dangerous euro-step, and his athleticism will be very useful to the Knicks. He’s shown flashes of a pull-up jump-shot but isn’t consistent enough with it. He’s a good playmaker. Center Mitchell Robinson will thrive having Okoro as his guard. Isaac Okoro has a great work ethic and will be able to keep the energy up for whatever team he is on.

Okoro’s Weaknesses

Isaac Okoro only has one real weakness, shooting. He has a broken jump-shot and struggles to create opportunities for himself. He lacks confidence in shooting and looks uncomfortable whenever in the position to shoot. However, under the right coach, this could all be fixed. If Tom Thibodeau can fix Okoro’s shooting, the young guard may become a star.

Pro Comparison:

The 6’6 freshman out of Auburn has shown many similarities to Toronto Raptors guard OG Anunoby. The two are both athletic guards that are very good defensively. Anunoby has also struggled offensively in the NBA but has still shown promise to be an All-Star in the future.

However, Anunoby has been able to grow with a great team that allows him to develop correctly. If the Knicks draft Okoro, his surroundings will be very different, forcing him to carry a more significant load. The New York Knicks would be thrilled to add a player like Isaac Okoro.

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