New York Jets Bye Week Awards

As the New York Jets get the week off in the middle of their worst season in franchise history, it is a good time to look at who has stood out this season. The Jets are currently 0-9 and are heading straight towards the #1 pick and Trevor Lawrence. However, there have been some bright spots this season and quite a few disappointing seasons. 

Jets MVP + Most Improved Player: Quinnen Williams

Do the Jets even have an MVP? At this point in the season, it seems highly unlikely that any player on the Jets will even be considered for the Pro-Bowl or any league honors. Some may argue that Mekhi Becton, even as a rookie, is the best player on this team. Becton has shown tremendous promise and talent, however, Williams has been dominant. Quinnen Williams has taken the next step and has shown why he was selected third overall in 2019.

Biggest Disappointment: Sam Darnold

Going into the season, Trevor Lawrence was the furthest thing from Jets fans’ minds. Gang Green had its quarterback, it was the one thing Jets fans could pride themselves on. While Darnold is for sure not one of the Jets’ biggest problems, he does play the most important position. Darnold has shown flashes at times and made some memorable plays. However, Darnold has regressed this season and whether it is his fault or the coaching staff remains to be seen. The Jets will likely be trading Sam before the start of next season, as they continue their search for their franchise quarterback.

Jets Best Offensive Rookie: Mekhi Becton

What a steal by general manager Joe Douglas. Mekhi Becton has been amazing this season. The anchor on the left side of the offensive line, Mount Becton has shown his power in the run game and his lateral quickness in the passing game. When Mekhi is in the game, the dynamic of the offense changes. Any team would love to have their own Becton and he has shown that he will be a cornerstone of this team for years to come.

Best Defensive Rookie: Bryce Huff

This pick was between Bryce Huff and safety Ashtyn Davis. While Davis has shown flashes at times (amazing hit on Cam Newton) he has struggled in pass coverage and is responsible for a couple of deep touchdowns. The Jets found a gem in Huff. Coming out of Memphis, Huff was a highly regarded pass rusher, yet he went undrafted. The Jets made it their top priority to sign him as an undrafted free agent and it paid off. Number 47 makes the most of his chances and does a great job of beating the offensive line with his speed and power. Huff will look to continue his campaign strong as he is sure to see more playing time.

“Stud”: Denzel Mims

While Becton wins the OROY award midway through the season, I would not be surprised if it is Mims who gets it by season’s end. This is no knock on Mekhi who has been wonderful. Mims has only played three games so far but has looked as good as advertised. The Jets have not had a receiver like Mims since Brandon Marshall in 2015. Mims has the size, speed, and skill to beat any cornerback one on one. Whoever, the Jets have under center next year, they will surely be happy to see Denzel playing wideout. 


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