What the Mets Rotation Will Look like Behind Jacob deGrom

Back in the 2015 season, many Mets fans thought the team had the best pitching staff in the MLB. With stars such as Jacob deGrom, Matt Harvey, and Noah Syndergaard, fans called it a “dream rotation”. With Harvey at the peak of his career too, other teams feared the rotation. However, many of them suffered injuries that derailed the possibility of history in Queens. Matt Harvey fell off after Tommy John surgery, and Steven Matz and Noah Syndergaard were unable to keep up their elite form.

For the past two or three seasons, the New York Mets‘ starting pitching rotation has been practically carried by Jacob Degrom. Otherwise, there has been cause for concern. Aside from his back-to-back Cy Young awards, other pitchers have been average at best. For instance, this past season, Rick Porcello and Michael Wacha were not sufficient as second and third options. While rookie David Peterson stepped up this season, he isn’t a perfect second option and still had his fair share of rookie struggles. Peterson posted an ERA of 3.44, while Wacha and Porcello had earned run averages over five. Noah Syndergaard will miss some time in 2021 while recovers from Tommy John surgery. The team also recently re-signed 2019 midseason acquisition Marcus Stroman, who wasn’t bad as a middle rotation option in 2019. To add, Stroman opted out of the 2020 season due to COVID-19 concerns.

Who Will Pitch Behind Jacob deGrom?

With star pitcher Noah Syndergaard out for all of 2020, there is still concern about how he will play in 2021. Additionally, Marcus Stroman may not be at full strength after not pitching in nearly two seasons. This is why I believe the Mets will sign superstar pitcher and former Red, Trevor Bauer. Not only would Bauer be a great second option, he just won the NL CY Young Award and he and deGrom are atop the best pitchers in the league.

If they are unable to sign Bauer, the team should stick with Syndergaard as the second pitcher in my opinion. He has plenty of experience with the ballclub and has a career earned run average of 3.31 with 47 wins. Noah Syndergaard was a vital part of their 2015 team that reached the World Series.

As a second option, I don’t think Stroman would enjoy much success. This is mainly because of experience and inconsistent play. His ERA has ranged from 3.00 to up to 5.50 in recent years with the Toronto Blue Jays too. He posted a career-worst 5.54 ERA in 2018.

Back End of The Rotation

As fourth and fifth starters, I think the Mets should roll with David Peterson and Steven Matz. Even though Matz struggled immensely in 2020, he should bounce back in 2021. Peterson flourished at times in 2020 and should be a good back-end of the rotation starter.

This would have the Mets rotation as either

1. Degrom

2. Bauer

3. Syndergaard

4. Stroman

5. Peterson


1. Degrom

2. Syndergaard

3. Stroman

4. Peterson

5. Matz

Though Rotation One would be ideal, I think the second one would be good too. This is because, at the top of the rotation, you have your two stars and then two rising stars at the back-end of it. And even though Syndergaard and Stroman may not be great, the potential is still there for them both.



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