Dave Gettleman: How Bad is He Really

Without a doubt, New York Giants general manager, Dave Gettleman is in one of the most polarizing situations in the entire NFL. Now in his third season as GM, Gettleman has faced an abundance of backlash from the media due to the Giants’ dismal 13-30 record and two coaches under his command. Despite the Giants winning their past two games, it certainly seems that unless Big Blue can squeak into the playoffs, DG’s time in New York is done. Just how bad has he actually been, though? 

New York, New York

New York is not an easy-going or chill place; especially when it comes to sports. New York fans hold a short leash without any exceptions for anyone. When you’re good you’re great, and when you’re bad you don’t deserve a job ever again. Just ask Ben McAdoo who was blacklisted for two years. In Dave Gettleman’s case though, New York fans could possibly be jumping the gun. Some think Gettleman is bad at his job, while others may view him as a martyr. Dave Gettleman hasn’t made the right moves to make the Giants good right now and is likely going to lose his job because of it. However, not once will he get credit for what he has brought to the club: the foundation for a bright future.

The Foundation

What many people don’t realize is that the state Dave Gettleman received the team in was disastrous. The Giants had the league’s worst O-line, aging veteran defenders on big contracts, and Eli Manning on his last legs. However, using the draft, Gettleman has started to turn the ship around, it just took too long for New York. DG has added numerous pieces for the future of both sides of the ball. He brought in a generational Running Back in Saquon Barkley, a promising quarterback in Daniel Jones, and a young defensive core that has become a force to be reckoned with in Joe Judge’s system. 

Dave Gettleman and his Hog-Mollies

It’s no secret Gettleman likes linemen, but that’s what The Giants needed. In fact, Not one starting offensive lineman from before his command remains with the team. Gettleman has drafted three linemen in the first three rounds since 2018. The Giants’ line of the future consists of tackles Andrew Thomas, and Matt Peart, along with guards Will Hernandez and Shane Lemieux. In three years, Giants fans might realize that Gettleman knew how to build a successful team after all.

Don’t Jump the Gun

In reality, Gettleman has put together a very young team that shows a lot of promise. He’s also hired a coach who is instilling the right mentality in those players, and it’s starting to show. The Giants are still not in first place of the division and face some daunting opponents after the bye, which isn’t good news for Dave Gettleman. If Gettleman is fired, he’ll likely be hated forever in New York. Meanwhile, his successor will claim all of the praise on the foundation that he built.

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