Cano Tests Positive for PEDs, suspended entire 2021 season

Shocking news out of the Mets today, Robinson Cano has tested positive for Stanozolol. Cano will be suspended for the entire 2021 MLB season because of performance-enhancing drugs. Cano has been suspended once before for PEDs, back in 2018 for 80 games. He received an entire season suspension this time because he is a repeat offender. Cano will forfeit his entire $24 million salary for next season, as he will not play.

Cano will be missed greatly by the Mets next season, as he had a great 2020 season. But now, it seems that there were steroids involved in helping improve his play. But, in a way, it makes next season’s infield a bit more clear, as either Andreas Gimenez or Jeff McNeil will probably take Cano’s spot at second base. After all, it didn’t make tons of sense that a 37-year-old was hitting 10 homers in a 60 game season. As he was tied for the club lead in homers with first baseman Pete Alonso.

Even though, on paper Cano’s suspension seems that this is a pretty big loss for the Mets. It may be a blessing in disguise, as it is now $24 million they don’t need to pay this year. This just adds to the amount of money the Mets can spend in free agency, with new owner Steve Cohen.

Cano turned 38 years old on October 22nd, he will now miss his entire 38-year-old season. So it brings up an intriguing question considering that he is already one of the oldest players in baseball. Will Robinson Cano ever play in a major league baseball game again? There are good arguments for both answers, but it seems as of right now the answer would be no.

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