Three Knicks Trades To Watch For On Draft Day

With the NBA Draft tomorrow, the New York Knicks should have an idea of their top choices on who to draft. However, they may also be looking to trade their 8th overall pick for a mix of players and picks. Here are the three trades to look out for on draft day.

New York Knicks and Golden State Warriors

Knicks send: Mitchell Robinson, #8 pick

Warriors send: #2 pick

Point guard LaMelo Ball is at the top of the wishlist for New York. They’ve had their eye on him for quite a while, however, their dreams of him playing at MSG were shattered as they received the 8th pick. Despite this, the Knicks may be willing to risk everything for a make or break player in Ball. Mitchell Robinson has proven himself as one of the better players on the Knicks but the front office is still wondering how high his potential actually is.

The Warriors have made it clear that they are looking for win-now players and are happy to trade their pick, but only for an already established player. The closest thing the Knicks can offer is a hyper-athletic center who could potentially break out on the Warriors. Should the Knicks make this deal, they’ll need a center who will be able to fit within a new system revolving around Lamelo Ball.

New York Knicks and Orlando Magic

Knicks Send: Dennis Smith Jr., #8 pick

Magic Send: Aaron Gordon, #15 pick

The Knicks may not be excited about many of their options with their lottery pick and might resort to trading down. If, however, they were to receive Aaron Gordon, and a solid pick, they’d have reason to be interested. Aaron Gordon would be able to replace Julius Randle while players like Cole Anthony could still be drafted. Cole Anthony has shown glimpses of greatness, but there are still doubts as to whether or not he would fit well with the Knicks. Anthony is a very athletic guard who has a good jump-shot, and aggressiveness that would translate well in the NBA. If the Knicks took this risk, they could potentially become a playoff team, if they were to acquire one more piece. However, they could also struggle, and slow down R.J. Barrett‘s growth significantly.

This trade would also make sense for the Magic, who are looking for significant changes. Orlando has shown interest in Dennis Smith Jr. as a player who can come off the bench for Markelle Fultz. Additionally, they could benefit greatly from getting a top ten pick. They’ll be hoping they can add a player like Isaac Okoro or Devin Vassell to their squad. If this trade is made, the Knicks will be hoping they can get the best out of Cole Anthony to turn him into a star.

The Knicks and Boston Celtics

Knicks Trade: #8 pick, #23 pick

Celtics Trade: #14 pick, #26 pick, #30 pick

Here, the Knicks are giving up their 8 pick and their second-round pick for three first-rounders from Boston. If the Knicks don’t love their options at 8, they could instead go for three first-round picks. All three of these players would undoubtedly play a large role in New York. With the 14th pick, the Knicks will have many options to choose from, and won’t feel the pressure of drafting a point guard early on. Since New York would then have four first-rounders, they could play around with their options. The Knicks will be allowed to take more risks, and draft a player that could considerably affect the team.

Boston is looking for the last piece to get them the squad needed to make a proper run at the finals. They’ll be hoping they can draft Onyeka Okongwu with a top ten pick. This deal could prove to be the most effective for New York, however, the possibilities of this trade are slim.

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