New York Yankees Free Agent Profile: Andrelton Simmons


MLB Free Agency is in full effect. There hasn’t been much buzz throughout the league just yet, but the New York Yankees have to address quite a few things. DJ LeMahieu is a free agent along with Masahiro Tanaka. The Yankees may need to make a change at shortstop after a dismal season defensively from Gleyber Torres and reconfigure the infield. Many options are still available at short including Andrelton Simmons. Is Simmons a fit in the Bronx?


Andrelton Simmons (Career Stats)

  • 31 Years Old
  • 1060 Games Played
  • .269 Batting Average
  • 67 Home Runs
  • 406 Runs Batted In
  • 1064 Hits
  • .317 On Base Percentage
  • .696 On Base Plus Slugging Percentage

Simmons is coming off a 7-year contract which he signed in 2014 with the Atlanta Braves. He was later traded to the Los Angeles Angels in 2015. Simmons has been known as a very good defensive shortstop throughout his career and hasn’t really shown any regression in that category. He hasn’t been the best hitter during his career, batting .269. Adding Simmons to the Yankee infield would add a defensive boost but not so much on the offensive side.

Andrelton Simmons (2020 Stats)

  • 30 Games Played
  • .297 Batting Average
  • 0 Home Runs
  • 10 Runs Batted In
  • 35 Hits
  • .346 On Base Percentage
  • .702 On Base Plus Slugging Percentage

In July of 2020, Simmons rolled his ankle running to first causing him to miss half the season. Due to this injury, Simmons did not impress too much or have that much of an impact on the Angels. He has a ton of major league experience but he is near the end of his prime. I honestly do not see the Yankees signing him unless nobody else is on the market and they really need a shortstop.

Impact Of Signing Simmons

It is still confusing how the Yankee lineup could possibly look in 2021. D.J. LeMahieu is still a free agent, Fransisco Lindor has been linked to New York, and Gleyber Torres is still here. If the Yankees bring in Simmons management would have to move Torres back to second base where he is more comfortable, and LeMahieu to first if they bring him back. If LeMahieu is not re-signed, Luke Voit will most likely be manning first base. Simmons would make the Yankees defense look a lot better. Simmons is a 4 time Gold Glove award winner and a Platinum Glove winner. An infield with Gio Urshela and Simmons on the same side would dazzle fans in the Bronx.

Other options for Simmons

Other teams are linked to Simmons as well as the Yankees. The Toronto Blue Jays were interested in him at the trade deadline and are interested in him yet again. Toronto already has rising star Bo Bichette at shortstop but a defensive upgrade for the short term would make sense for the Blue Jays. The Angels may be an option for Simmons as well but there haven’t been many rumblings.

Would Andrelton Simmons signing with the Yankees make sense? Not necessarily. He is capable of hitting the ball and has tons of MLB experience, but a move like this doesn’t really add the offensive boost the Yankees need. With the Yankee organization losing the most money in the MLB due to the pandemic, they need to spend their money wisely and address needs that are urgent. Signing a shortstop who is out of his prime does not make much sense for the Yankees. Simmons still has some upside left but the Yankees should save their money this time around.

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