Who Are The Top-Five Isles of All-Time?

The Islanders dynasty strikes most National Hockey fans as one of the best teams of all time.  Will the top-five be all dynasty players?  Or does an outlier make it?  Find out here as we countdown from five.

Honorable Mentions

Before listing the Isles’ best of the best, here are the players that just missed the cut: Pat LaFontaine, John Tonelli, Butch Goring, Bob Nystrom, and John Tavares.  These players were phenomenal and key contributors to the Island during their time; however, these top-five are on another level.

5. Billy Smith

While Smith’s regular-season numbers aren’t overwhelming, he was the goalie for four cups on the island.  He was a Vezina, Jennings, and Conn Smythe award winner making him the best goalie for the Islanders of all-time by far.  His playoff numbers helped the Isles raise the cup four years in a war.  Smith averaged a save percentage above 900 each of the 4 years while limiting opponents to around two and a half goals per game.

4. Clark Gillies

Gillies was a cornerstone defenseman for the Isles in the dynasty.  In addition to his fantastic career numbers, he was the leader of the Isles in the eighties who helped lead the team on this fantastic journey.  Despite his unbelievable credentials the next three Islanders were the best of all-time.  Gillies’s career points and goals while spectacular, are just not as good as the next three.

3. Mike Bossy

Mike Bossy is one of the best goal scorers of all time.  Bossy just lacked in career numbers compared to the top two.  If Bossy played longer he would most likely be number one.  He may even be considered to be a top-five player of all time if he had a longer career.  However, his career numbers fell short of the other two therefore he could not go any higher.  Mike Bossy produced points at an insane rate and was key to the Islanders’ success.

2.Denis Potvin

Potvin can be considered one of the best defensemen of all time.  He collected a lot of hardware throughout his career including being a three-time Norris winner.  Potvin was one of the best offensive defensemen during his time on the Island.  Despite his phenomenal career success, he still falls short of number one.

1. Bryan Trottier

Trottier takes the title of the best Islander due to his insane production and his personal accolades.  Trottier won the Stanley Cup six times, was a four-time all-star, and won the Clancy, Hart, Art Ross, and Conn Smythe once.  Similar to Bossy, Trottier amassed points at a rapid rate and did so over a longer span than Bossy.  Trottier is an unbelievable hockey player who put the Islanders on the map of the hockey world and for that, he is number one.


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