Top 10 New York Sports Jerseys Of All Time

One of the most exciting parts of sports is the uniforms. Uniforms do a lot in perspective to the amount of money a sports team makes. Yes, uniforms are a significant tactic for making money. The nicer the design of the uniform is, the more probable it is to have good sales. That being said, New York has had some of the best jerseys in sports over time. Showing that it was tough to decide and rank the ten best jerseys. So, before the top 10 begins, there’s a need for some honorable mentions. Honorable mentions include Rangers home, Islanders Fisherman, Mets home, Knicks white, Knicks blue, and Giants blue. Let’s start with the top 10!

10. Mets 86.’

This is undoubtedly the best variation of the Mets home uniforms. This uniform is here are those blue and orange stripes on the shoulders and the fact that these uniforms mean a lot to the Mets. It reminds everyone of the 1986 miracle Mets. The design of these uniforms is a point, and they deserve to be on this list. In 2016, the Mets wore these jerseys every Sunday for the 30th anniversary of 1986.

9. Devils Red

This jersey has a great color scheme. Black, red, and white work great together. The Devils have a great logo to go with the jersey. Also, the black shoulder pads are a key reason why these uniforms are so good. Players like Martin Brodeur made this jersey very popular. But the Devils have always done a great job with these uniforms.

8. Rangers Lady Liberty

These jerseys are the most different and the best Rangers jersey. That being said, this jersey pays homage to New York City more than any other Rangers uniform. That is obviously because the famous Statue of Liberty is displayed on the jersey. The jersey has a slick dark blue, red, and silver color scheme with detail on the arms with arrows. This uniform was worn by legends like Wayne GretzkyHenrik Lundqvist, and Mark Messier. In 2020, these uniforms will return as the Rangers reverse retro jerseys.

7. Giants Color Rush

This uniform is the cleanest New York football jersey. It’s a throwback to the era of Lawrence Taylor. The reason it’s this jersey is that Nike has done an excellent job modernizing it. The uniform itself with the white pants and the blue helmet with the classic Giants logo are what make this uniform look so good.

6. Mets Black Jersey

The Mets in black are one of the more interesting and great Mets jerseys. It is tough to make a bad black jersey in sports, and this jersey is a perfect example of how to do it right. This uniform is was used during the Mike Piazza days of the Mets and that 2000 team that lost to the Yankees in the world series. But with the classic Mets on the front in blue and the blue and orange striping of the uniform, this one looks really good. Current players like Pete Alonso have been almost campaigning to bring these jerseys back.

5. Islanders Blue Home Jerseys

For the Islanders, this is the jersey. Even though it has been modernized over time, this is what the New York Islanders have worn for about 35 years of their 48-year history. This was basically the uniform Mike Bossy, Billy Smith, Bryan Trottier, and the rest of the 80’s dynasty wore. Now it is worn by Anders Lee, Mathew Barzal, Josh Bailey, and all the current Isles. Blue, orange, and white are just hard to beat. Also, the Islanders logo is amazing, as it’s the only logo in sports with an actual landmark in it. That landmark is Long Island. There is a bunch of hidden messages in the famous logo. If you think of the New York Islanders, this is the jersey.

4. Yankees pinstripes

Is there any explaining to do? It is one of the most famous jerseys to ever been worn in sports. It has been worn for 27 championships and has been around since the start. The Yankees are one of the most famous sports organizations, and this jersey has a history to it. When talking about New York sports jerseys, this has to be in there.

3. Black Nets cooji city jersey

The Cooji design pattern is just elite. This adds to the regular Brooklyn Nets jersey and makes it 10 times better. This uniform shows homage to legendary rapper Biggie Smalls. But the cooji pattern on the neck sleeves and sides of the uniform is why this uniform is amazing. The Nets team that wore this uniform was also special, as it was the first Net team to take the organization away from dark times. It’s very simply a great jersey. The cooji design would be great for the Nets full time.

2. White Nets cooji Bed-Stuy city jersey

Very similar to the reasons for the black cooji jerseys, except it looks better in white. As well as the fact that the Bed-Stuy has a graffiti-like font to it. It has a lot to do with Brooklyn itself and Biggie smalls (the crown). But the design is just amazing. The Nets themselves put some difference to their only other white uniform since moving and re-branding to Brooklyn. This is easily one of the best sports jerseys in the last 5 years.

1. Dr.J Nets ABA jerseys

This uniform is from when the Nets played in the ABA as the New York Nets at Nassau Coliseum. Dr.J Julius Erving himself most notably wears this uniform. The red, white, and blue are very different from the current Nets but are a bedrock for the Nets’ past. Even though this uniform is one of the oldest on this list, it is certainly the best. The Nets in Red and red numbers on the front of the uniform. With the sides having a red stripe and a blue strip with stars on the side. Those stars make this jersey so good, they show something special that’s unlike any other uniform ever in New York. This uniform is the ultimate classic basketball uniform. Being worn most famously by one of the basketball players ever also makes this jersey what it is. That Nets uniform is the best New York sports jersey of all time!

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